Zuzu Gets Apocalyptic With ‘Dark Blue’

Friday 30 November 2018

From touring with Tom Grennan to chatting with Annie Mac on Radio 1, indie-soaked pop vocalist Zuzu has been busy. We caught up with the intergalactic Liverpudlian to discuss her new music video, extraterrestrial theories and Wes Anderson.

Tell us about your latest track, ‘Dark Blue’…

The idea for ‘Dark Blue’ came from showing episodes of The Clangers to my guitarist and writing partner Kurran. He hadn’t heard of the show before so we watched it then wrote a song about the moon and as a ballad for planet Earth. The first version had a sample from The Clangers at the beginning, too.

You directed the video for ‘Dark Blue’ and illustrated the cover art for your 2017 single, ‘What You Want’. Have you always played a big role in the visual side of your music?

100%! I’ve directed all of my videos and I think visuals are as important as the music. Especially in this age – people want to see things as well as hear them. I love directing the videos, they’re so much fun and an extra way to be creative.

How did growing up in Liverpool shape you as a musician?

I grew up on The Beatles – my dad is the biggest fan! My parents would have them on repeat so I listened to them loads before getting into The Libertines and the Arctic Monkeys aged ten. As a city, Liverpool is full of buskers and there’s always live music playing from the bars so the culture is ingrained in you from a young age.

What’s the best venue you’ve played at home and away?

My favourite venue in Liverpool used to be The Kazamir but it’s closed down now and missed for sure. Outside of Liverpool, we’re going to be supporting The Courteeners at this theatre-style venue in Stoke which I’m looking forward to. I love old school venues like that.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about performing live?

My favourite thing is the reactions we from the crowd. My band use a lot of distortion and I think sometimes people expect a different sound from us. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had people singing our lyrics back to us which is cool. My least favourite thing about playing live is the sound check.

You’ve got a pretty strong space vibe going on. Have you got any extraterrestrial theories?

Yeah – they’re definitely among us! There’s a theory that they’ve been coming down to earth for a while, abducting people and taking them back to their home planets to breathe? It sounds weird but there’s a documentary on Netflix called Unacknowledged that explains it more.

What female musician are you most inspired by?

Courtney Barnett.

Which decade do you identify with the most musically?

The 60s.

What’s your favourite Wes Anderson film and why?

Moonrise Kingdom. It’s like a movie to go with the Beach Boys song ‘God Only Knows’.

What can we look forward to hearing from you in 2019?

Lot’s more recordings, I’ve got a bunch of more singles coming out and we’ll get to record an album hopefully!

Watch Zuzu’s video for ‘Dark Blue’ here: