90’s FOREVA! Meet Sebastian Agace creator of Alma De Ace

Friday 21 December 2018

Vintage enthusiast and rising designer Sebastian Agace is gearing up for his brand Alma De Ace to take the fashion world by storm. Pulling inspiration from the beloved 90’s era the burgeoning designer wants to create an alternative to London street fashion. From his use of bold burgundy and vibrant teal colours, to taking inspiration from his travels around the world, Sebastian Agace is definitely a designer to watch. We got a chance to chat and discuss Alma De Ace, his passions, favourite fashion trends and much more.

Tell us a little about yourself…when did your passion for fashion begin?

I’ve always had an interest in fashion and a keen eye for “up and coming” brands, but the passion for all this really kicked in when Instagram took off. Instagram introduced to me lots of young fashion brands trying to make their names – seeing what these brands were doing inspired me. It was all about the lifestyle these brands were creating, I was hooked into the identity of each one. I had no fashion background as such, but I knew I wanted to combine my creativity with something.

I then started Alma de Ace whilst at university in Leeds – literally in my bedroom shipping parcels in between lectures. I finished by degree in Business Management and Marketing and then decided to go full time with Alma de Ace when I returned to London

Are there any designers that really inspire you creatively?

At the moment I’ve been following Ronnie Fieg the designer behind American brand Kith. What I like about him is he’s taken collaborations to the next level. Kith has worked and designed alongside brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Patagonia, Levis and Moncler. He’s managed to bring out the youthful side of these brands, which I like and at the same time built on his aesthetics for Kith. This has built his reputation in the streetwear market. With Kith also he’s created the sense of surprise which is what people want in fashion compared to the expectation of each season drop. Most importantly he keeps things simple and easily distinguished from other brands.

Is there a specific era that inspires your collections and styling?

Definitely the 90s. I feel the colours were so out there in terms of sportswear and casual attire that it was something that was always going come back into fashion at a later stage. The washed colours and baggier look is perfect for everyday wear and you can do so much with the looks and cuts of the products. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Fila have started to bring it back as they look to freshen their collections. In the 90’s there was a lot of block colour schemes going on and this was something I wanted to carry over into our brand – creating pieces that are timeless but with flashes of colour.

It seems that almost every piece has a touch of burgundy and teal, what inspired the use of those colours?

I’ve always wanted to distinguish my brand from others with a subtle touch of identity without necessarily using the name which a lot of brands try and build it through. I love travelling and in many cities around the world social hubs are tennis courts and basketball courts – many have this teal green and burgundy colour base. The washed out colours work really well in giving a retro touch and it was something that I wanted to bring into my brand and show across all our items. The courts bring together a community and that’s what I want to achieve with Alma de Ace.

What is your creative process when creating your pieces?

I take a lot of inspiration from old vintage sweatshirts in the 90s with the colour block schemes and cut and sew. We’re not too bothered at looking at future trends. I believe in creating timeless pieces that will always be something that you want to wear. With fashion trends changing so quickly it becomes a hit and miss when trying to keep up with the trend. I look at the items we bring out and think “Is this something I can wear on any occasion?” Traditional brands have a four-season calendar. We don’t look at that, we want something that can be released at any point of the year.

Is there a specific trend that you want to see make a come-back into fashion?

Varsity bombers and sports jackets. They’ve always been around but I feel the older styles and cuts have a lot more relaxed fitting and can make an outfit stand out with the washed colours complementing one another. It would be something I’d definitely look to bring to Alma in the near future combining various fabrics.  

What do you see in the future for Alma de Ace?

We want to extend our collection and move into new products. We’d like to start doing some collaborations with brands – 2018 has been a big year for collaborations and I feel that’s set to continue as we move into the new year.

Earlier in the year we had a pop up at Box Park in Shoreditch and this is something I’d like us to do more of in London and abroad –  A New York pop up would be amazing.

We have a big surprise with something we have been working on for a while coming in early 2019, so definitely watch this space!