Electro-Pop Quartet LUCIA Are Making Waves

Monday 10 December 2018

Following the release of their EP, ‘Cheaptalk’, electro-pop band LUCIA are certainly ones to watch. We caught up with the lovely Lucia Fairfull to chat new sounds, touring with the Estrons and making it as an artist in sunny Glasgow…

‘Cheaptalk’ came out earlier this month, tell me about the lead up to that moment?

We recorded the EP over summer and it feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime to release it. We’re super grateful for the love everyone has shown the EP and can’t wait to bring out more.

Let’s discuss the title track of the EP… What’s the song about and what do you want people to take away from it?

The sound of the song was inspired by classic 80s/90s chick flicks (which I am addicted to) so it’s not as personal. However, I think me thinking about days in high school in my teens had some input on the lyrics.

You’ve been touring across the UK with the alt-rock band, the Estrons. What was the best gig you played?

We really did enjoy them all but probably the last one in Brighton. There was so much energy in the room coming from the crowd and us!

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about performing live?

I enjoy every aspect of performing but sometimes wish I was a bit more humorous… My banter is fucking terrible sometimes.

Your debut EP ‘Best Boy’ came out in July last year. What have you’ve learnt about yourself as an artist since then?

I’ve learnt that I am capable of more than I thought. I’ve really thrown myself into more than I ever have over the past year or two and I feel really strong for it. Music wise, I learnt that it’s good to experiment and try new things and not feel like you have to be one thing all the time.

How did you first get into music? 

When I was younger, my mum had an acoustic guitar that she never let me use because I was a careless child. I played it anyway and I really enjoyed it, so now here we are!

What was it like growing up in Glasgow? Did that influence you as a musician?

I actually grew up in the countryside outside of Glasgow. I always wanted to be living in the city so I moved there when I was 16 and found I had so many more opportunities. I also met lots of people, which is what influences me the most. As the saying goes… ‘people make Glasgow’.

Who’s an artist you’d say is underrated at the moment?

I don’t know if underrated is the right word but I really hope that Calva Louise do well, because their music is incredible. Good things will come to them for sure.

Finally, what’s something you’re excited about for 2019?

The unknown!

Watch LUCIA’s video for ‘Cheaptalk’ now: