Video Premiere: Machineheart’s ‘Let You Down’

Monday 03 December 2018

Machineheart have delivered a visual to support their latest single, ‘Let You Down’. The video, which opens and closes with verses from the Bible, explores the song in the context of a funeral, specifically one in which the mourned is present. Exploring a delicate moment frozen in time, Machineheart leave their audience to grapple with four minutes of wonder-provoking movement. As usual, the band offers fans an opportunity for analysis; the rewarding-kind, only possible thanks to an impressive level of artistic depth.

‘Let You Down’ comes ahead of Machineheart’s debut full length album, People Change, due February 8, 2019. The record is named after an acknowledgement that everyone, including the band themselves, have always been changing, and will only continue to change.

Of their latest video, Machineheart frontwoman Stevie Scott says, “‘Let You Down’ always felt incredibly raw and delicate as it represents a formative transition in our band. Our director, Nathan Presley, was able to capture both those things so well – quite literally a hanging in the balance. Even while we were filming, everyone on set was in tears. It was really special. It felt so beautiful and true, and a side of the story we don’t usually get to tell.”

Watch the video here:

Scott and her bandmates Harrison Allen (drums), Karman Cubanda (electric guitar), and Jake Randle (bass), originally emerged from Seattle, Washington. Now based in LA, the four are preparing for a North American Tour alongside You Me At Six and Dreamers in early 2019.