Meet Another Sky Who Released Another Hit ‘Apple Tree’

Thursday 31 January 2019
Words Mimi Wright

With a spooky, somewhat haunting sound, Another Sky is sure to be different from most bands you’ve heard before. Catrin Vincent’s vocals are unique and quirky, but the lyrics she shares with her audience are important to pay attention to.

We asked Another Sky to answer a few questions for us from how they started out as a band to the meanings of their tracks…

How would you describe your band’s sound in five words?

Loudly screaming into a void.

What sets your sound apart from others?

It’s constantly evolving. Our live show genre-hops; it’s not easily digestible but still feels like one wall of sound…everything nowadays seems to be about finding an image or one particular sound. I like that we’re fluid, for now.

You’ve talked about the problem of apathy. How can your band and your art disrupt apathetic tendencies of the mass?

There’s so many incredible movements right now disrupting apathy. We don’t want to take credit for that when all we’ve done is write a bunch of angry songs, but art is incredibly important; it provides a narrative and an outlet for what’s happening. I think it’s important people see their realities reflected in popular music and once they do, they feel validated and able to speak out.

I understand you were all studying music at university. What other than your unusual vocals drew you to one another?

Everyone at university was getting into a room with each other and collaborating with as many people as possible, so we all got in a room, jammed one song and laughed after it was finished because it was so easy to write together. It felt special. 

If you had to choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Anything by Sufjan Stevens, except ‘Satan’s Saxophones’.

Your new track ‘Apple Tree’ is about a boy you knew who was mocked for his passion for flowers. What do you hope people learn from this song and in your music as a whole?

I was told once that you can’t make anyone learn anything from your art…they’ll take what they want from it. Some of my male friends who I consider quite masculine have told me they resonate with ‘Apple Tree’. I find that really special. I think making people connect with music is more important than teaching them, although the message running through our music is quite resolute.

What are your hopes for Another Sky in the future?

To continue connecting with people, no matter how big the stage.