Meet HalfNoise A Band That Is Making Waves With Their Newest EP ‘Flowerss’

Friday 11 January 2019

The talented band is a beautiful mix of synth-pop, alternative rock and indie pop that will warm the soul and have you wanting more.

The formation of the music act started shortly after creator Zac Farro ended his time as member of rock band ‘Paramore’ in 2010. Since then he has released EP’s and 2 studio albums under the name HalfNoise.

The up and coming bands music showcases their musical prowess. With tracks full of alluring lyrics, a unique sound and a undeniable confidence. HalfNoise should be on everyones radar.

We sat down with Farro to discuss everything from the new EP , tour life, and so much more…

Which came first: the dream of a successful solo-project, or the opportunity to drum for a Tennessee rock band?

Playing in the band came first. The solo project didn’t come about till about 2012. 

Halfnoise’s sound is different from that of Paramore. When performing a Halfnoise set, what emotions are evoked that don’t typically surface when you play through a Paramore set?

Well, for starters, being in the front singing apposed to sitting behind the drums is vastly different. The biggest emotions evoked for me are being closer to the crowd and seeing their emotions and reaction.

You’ve been touring since you were fourteen. In what ways is life on the road a positive teacher, and in what ways is life on the road a tough fight?

I suppose there are pros and cons to any job. I find that the road has been positive in the way that I’ve gotten to travel the world preforming music with my best friends that we created, and have met so many other new friends along the way in so many different countries. It also makes you aware that there is so much more going on than your own little world. 
The tough part is being away from family and friends and feeling like you may have missed out on life. But its all part of it.

From where did you draw inspiration for your ‘Flowerss’ EP?

I was really hoping to write songs that could easily be played on any instrument, say a guitar or piano. I started writing music for HN and it was very electronic and sample based. I wanted to shift this band into a more live sounding more real instrument sort of sound.

If you could distill the feelings present on the ‘Flowerss’ EP down to one overall message or vibe, what would it be?

I am not too good at these questions because music is a very different thing for everyone. But I suppose I always sort of go for upbeat and groovy.

Which of your tracks, new or old, is your favourite to perform?

I’d have to say “Scooby’s In The Back” is still my favorite to preform. The energy in the room changes when we hit the first chord of the song all together. 

Is there an aspect of touring alone that you enjoy, and is there an aspect of touring with bandmates that you miss when you’re touring solo material?

No matter what band it is I am continually surrounded by my closest friends. And although I miss the others when we aren’t preforming together, I enjoy both just the same.

If you could relive a childhood memory, what would it be?

Id probably go back to school for a bit and not give such a damn. I was super shy and worried all the time in school haha. 

What do you think the most powerful aspect of music is?

How it can transcend time.

Where would you like to take Halfnoise?

I’d love to keep making records and do more and more shows/art projects. I feel like we are just getting started…