Pasha: Hip Hop’s Future Golden MC

Wednesday 09 January 2019

At just 9 months old, rising MC Pasha moved from Iran to Norway with his mother. When he was in second grade he fell in love with Hip Hop. Now in his early 20’s the up and coming rapper is here to hypnotise rap audiences everywhere with his hard hitting bars and psychedelic beats.

Spawning from the growing Hip Hop scene in Norway, Pasha has one goal and that is to cement his place within the rap game through out Europe, the UK and ultimately the world.

With 51,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, close to 6M streams for his recent EP release PARK, and performing alongside the likes of Khalid, Ty Dolla $ign, Pasha is a force to be reckoned with. We were able to sit down with the MC to talk about his inspiration for his recent record, the release of his new video ‘Right This Time’ and so much more…

Can you describe the moment in which you were like “I want to be a rapper”? 

The first time I heard “Lose Yourself by Eminem, I was 7 years old. Since then I always knew I wanted to be rapper. I even started to dress like him at the age of 8 and never had a plan B in life.  

At just 9 months old you and your mother left Iran and moved to Norway, how do you think this has influenced your career if at all?

Of course! I mean growing up as an immigrant in a white country leaves a mark on you. You grow up knowing you’re not like the other kids and see the difference in how you get treated but there was never anything could do about it. I just learned how to deal with two different cultures and adapt to it. My mom has gone through most of the bullshit like learning a new language and getting an education to support me and my grandma.  

Your single “Blaze” is LIT, it’s full of energy and gets the blood pumping. What went into making this track?  

Thanks <3 It was the first song I ever made with Henrik the Artist. I was a fan of his work before I met him and knew he made weird shit that didn’t sound like anything else out there. The first session was to kind of get to know one another. I just followed his vibe and didn’t think too much of the song but everybody else loved it so I knew we were on to something.

Many of your songs have a vintage vibe to them. How would you describe your sound? What do you go for when creating music?

I most definitely take a lot of inspiration form the 90´s – that’s what I love. But I also wanted to take that vibe in with something new. I really don’t like rappers only rapping over 90´s shit ’cause if I wanna listen to 90´s music I can just do that instead of somebody imitating it. It’s kind of like Quentin Tarantino making a western movie. He takes a lot from it but also has his own style to it as well. How I create these songs depends on who I’m working with. Sometimes I just freestyle for 20 minutes and cut and paste what I like. Sometimes I sit there and rewrite the same verse 5 times. 

What was your inspiration and creative process during the creation of your “Park” record? 

Many cool amazing sessions with people I look up to. I just made a lot of songs for 2 years and then wrapped it around my concert at Park Theater.  I wanted it to feel like a show. A journey through the concert…

How do you feel about your record PARK hitting nearly 6M streams on Spotify?

It great! I just get more motivated.

Tell us about the DIY rap scene in Norway and your involvement?

It’s a lot of rappers, singer, and artists doing what they want. People collaborate on everything in my collective (prettybois). We have artists that make our artwork, photos, music videos, merch and so on. I love to do these thing with good friends and keep building with them.

Who would be your dream hip hop collaboration dead or alive?

Timbaland, boi 1da, Kendrick, frank ocean. NATE DOGG… I love Nate Dogg hooks, huge fan!

What do you hope to achieve as a rapper and artist with the current hip hop community?

I don’t know. I just want to make great music that get people out from depression and angst. I want to tour around the world and meet people and just learn how people make music. And just live 

Your latest video for your single “Right This Time” has a “day in the life” so to speak approach, what pushed you towards this theme? Is there an underlying theme you want viewers to see? 

Not really, it just looked cool. I was tired of always being in my own videos. Just wanted to try some new for once.