Quick Fire

Quick Fire Questions With Lennon Stella

Thursday 10 January 2019
Photography Aaron Crossman

19-year-old Lennon Stella rose to fame on Youtube in the mid-2000s with her and her sister’s, Maisy Stella, cover of ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ by queen of the dancehall, Robyn.

From starring on the hit show ‘Nashville’ to featuring on the hit song ‘Polaroid’ with Jonas Blue and Liam Payne, the singer-songwriter has turned her viral hit into a enviable career. In the same vain of the juxtaposition artists we love — รก la Robyn and Ariana Grande — the artist’s debut EP Love, Me is a pure pop explosion filled with inner-reflective lyrics, making it the perfect cure for our winter blues.

The rising star sat down with us to answer some of our burning quick-fire questions and revealed everything from her favourite city to her secret talents…