TESHA Is Music’s New Ethereal Electro Delight

Friday 25 January 2019

Born and raised in Tel Avi, Israel the emerging singer has always been surrounded by music. Taking place at her mothers piano at a young age, TESHA’s music exposure and and influences grew. A year after the loss of both of her parents TESHA packed up her bags and headed to New York to pursue music officially.

Settling in Brooklyn, the emerging artist went straight to work, practicing vocals, experimenting with a variety synth productions and creating her unique sound. Pulling from her dreams and thoughts TESHA is a music act like no other.

We had a chance to chat with the emerging artist about her latest EP, her unique sound and so much more…

Dreams Vol. 1 is a beautiful ethereal piece of work. Can you go into the making of your debut EP?   

I was very much a fairytale version of myself at that time. It talks about the “dream collective”, which are my experiences of a hive mind (I had them since i was 6). Meaning we are not the man dreaming that he is a butterfly, nor a butterfly dreaming to be a man, but both collectively.  Being in a “cloud 9” mind, I co-produced it with my friend Noam Helfer in Israel. It was basically an experiment of sound with million of layers over what appears to be folky/pop singer-songwriting. We had to cut stems and synths all the time because we kept adding more and more; we had approximately 70-90 channels in each song. My new music is more refined, more minimal; it’s more about the song itself .

It’s hard to pinpoint your sound when it comes to your music which is refreshing, Can you describe your sound in 5 words or less?

“Channel whatever comes my way” perhaps..It’s like trying to describe my soul in 5 words, I don’t think I can^^ Most of the time when I make music, I myself cannot understand what is happening. I can only describe my sound in values and visuals like: 

Ascension, 5th dimension, water, unapologetic, change

‘Funeral’ is your latest single, what was the inspiration for this record? 

This one is a heavy hitter: I became an orphan during this time between “Dreams vol.I” to my upcoming EP “Growing Pain II”. It’s a song about moving on with all force because you have no choice, it obviously did not work the way imagined but I am getting there. Being impregnated with pain, carrying it, can make you a force of nature. It does hurt though, but you have to try and see the big picture. The funny things is, I gave that name title “Growing Pain II” to my 2nd EP before all of that happened and before I wrote it. It is part of a trilogy of EPs. The 3rd one is called ” Utopian Upbringing III” 😛

What was it like growing up in Tel Aviv? and how has moving to the US and to “the city that never sleeps”shape you as an artist? 

Amazing! Doing the move from TLV to the US was harsh, things are very different over here and Israeli people have a very specific stereotype of Americans in their minds, so it was interesting to see how it actually compares.Tel-aviv is a hybrid place of Middle-Eastern and Western culture. We are taught to speak and express our emotions, we hang in groups like wolves so we always feel supported. With all the war surrounding it, Tel-aviv had a very utopian vibe to it, it’s a “bubble”. I am a utopian, I am also Israeli and pro-Palestine, and like my mom said, as a “global citizen” I decided to move OUT. I couldn’t contribute my part from a military or political point of view. New York, by its concept, was an oasis for me in that sense.

You produce and write your own music which is an incredible feat, are there any songwriters or producers that you look up to and help you create your own music?

YES TONS: Nigel Godrich , Nelly Hooper, Daddy G and 3D OF MASSIVE ATTACK, Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Thom Yorke, Lana Del Rey, BJORK, Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Tchaikovsky, Clams Casino and many more!Honestly, they mash in a big kaleidoscope in my head. If anyone is telling you that they don’t draw inspiration from other artists, they are lying. 😀

In five years where do you hope to see yourself musically? 

I want to heal the biggest part of the world that I can, clean as many hearts as I can. So I guess the more people I reach, the better?I would love to make a proper studio album and to have a crazy visual-3d-hologram-art installation tour that comes with it, but I would also like to fly, yeah?