Traveling Through Space With Star Harvey Causon

Wednesday 30 January 2019
Words Mimi Wright

If you are searching for a space trip that will take you from lyric to lyric, look no further than Harvey Causon. This young, but extremely talented, Bristol-based performer sends you catapulting through the cosmos and back again.

His latest single ‘London Stock’ explores the make up of our world and gives a deep, philosophical vibe that makes you question the world around you.

So the name of your latest single is ‘London Stock.’ Can you give us some details on the name and meaning behind the song?

The song is an exploration of existentialism. I was reading a lot into quantum physics and the strange, quite inconceivable nature of subatomic matter (things going through walls, being in two places at once kinda thing). The uncertainty of it all resonated with me on a larger level and the philosophical questions started hitting; ‘what if our realities – structures, architecture and physical brickworks – are constructed in mere observation?’ ‘London Stock’ is a metaphorical depiction of brickwork and structure breaking down in the mind and the overcoming of this. The artwork references Young’s slit experiments.

Can you give us a little background on your video for ‘London Stock’? what went into creating the concept?

Working again with previous ‘Worn You’ director Chris Anstey and cinematographer Luke Dryden, the video depicts more so the angst or the ‘atrophy’ that comes with grasping a sense of reality and purpose in a large city. The different versions of myself are a representation of being superposed in multiple states at once. Running away from the unknown ends with reaching a broken sofa on the beach, an endless cycle of a world breaking down metaphysically. 

At the age of 20 you have already landed a spot on BBC Radio 1 Introducing Artist series, describe the moment you found out you were gonna be featured.

That was a really exciting bit of news for me. My old agent gave me a call, and I was driving the band wagon (Peaugeot Bipper Tepee) around Bristol trying to safely contain squeals of delight.

Your tracks have a mix of R&B, Soul and electric feels, can you elaborate on creating your sound?

I think I’ve been lucky in that I have had a lot of close people around me with different and interesting music tastes from R&B to Jazz, Drill, Afrobeat and Dubstep. I like to merge different ideas, tones and use found sounds to keep things fresh. This year I got my first proper analogue synth after spending years trying to create sounds with computers so that should be fun. 

What type of music and lyrics do you like writing? What experiences do you pull from?

I like to write interesting words down. I have a blackboard with lots of post-it notes stuck to it, people take the piss when they come round saying I’m a crazy man. But, it’s a great way of conceptualising ideas and coming up with lyrics on the spot and drawing connections to relate to what I’m thinking about. Some songs are blunt and about people or experiences and some are more about philosophy or big questions I have that require a fair bit of research.

You work with fellow musicians Gabriel Gifford and Ben Toon, and on your Spotify profile you mention that you and Gifford are flatmates, can you let us in on your dynamic while in the studio? Do you three have a creative routine? 

We have a great space that we share for music in Bristol and have been working recently with other artists collaboratively there. Gabe and Ben as well are both working on their own music to be released this year which is really exciting. Both are great musicians and friends. I’m lucky to share a stage with them. With ‘London Stock’ it made sense to get them to flex on the rhythm section and I’m sure you’ll hear them on some future releases. 

When can we expect an EP or album? Have you been working on one?

Definitely expect a bigger body of work towards the end of the year. Expect more music that expresses some different sides beforehand and maybe some features!

2018 was a big year for you! What do you want 2019 to look like for your music?

More exciting gigs, more music, more videos, more people, more fun please!