Get To Know REYNA, Power Sister Duo

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Victoriah and Hannah Gabriela Banuelos are the two indie voices behind the Milwaukee-based pop sensation duo REYNA. The pair just released a neon-pink, girl-power vid to go with their new release ‘Heartbeat’, a song about heartbreak.

With their debut EP on the way, we wanted to chat with the sisters about the secrets to their success.

How would you describe your most recent song ‘Heartbeat’? 

‘Heartbeat’ is about that moment right after a heartbreak when you’re feeling excruciating pain, and you just want everything to go back to normal. – Gab 

I saw the ‘Heartbeat’ music video, and I just loved the storyline of the piece. How did you envision the story in the accompanying music video?

For the video we envisioned a very pink and colorful world. We wanted to portray desire and infatuation in a very cynical way. So that’s where we came up with tying up our lovers and feeding them our love potion cake to make them stay. -Gab

As sisters, what is it like working day to day? Also, it’d be great to hear what a typical day in the studio is like. 

Being sisters is our strength; it’s the best to work with someone you have unconditional love for and you know has your back. We take care of each other, and we are also very honest, so I think that works to our advantage. When we are in the studio, we get in-depth conversations about what we want to write about, a particular moment or feeling, and try to come up with our best interpretation of it. We come up with a lot of guitar or bass parts and try to fit the vibe of the song. We have a lot of fun and try to be open to however we are feeling that day. -Gab

What do you wish people knew about singing/songwriting?

Songwriting is a very personal thing; you’re the most vulnerable when you’re putting all these emotions into a song. It’s a crazy feeling when you put a song out and you know the person the song is about is going to hear it. I always wonder what they think about it and if they feel the same way as well. I guess for me, songwriting is my healing process or how I give something closure. That’s why it’s so rewarding to write. – Vic 

What are some of the greatest influences to your music? 

Musically, we have to tip our hat to RUSH, Queen, The Police! These bands really inspired us to pick up instruments and want to be a band. Our influences change everyday though; we are inspired by all sorts of things. Movies, books and the people around us. Our grandmother is also a big inspiration; she celebrated her 89th birthday this week, and all she wanted was a Mariachi to come to her house so she could sing with them. She’s such a fierce woman, and I hope I can be that strong and passionate when I am 89 years old. – Vic

I read that you wanted to highlight your Mexican culture in the ‘Heartbeat’ video. In what ways does your culture influence your artistry? 

Being bicultural in this country is a funny thing. To Americans, you’re never fully American and to Mexicans, you’re never really Mexican. It gives me a feeling of never truly belonging and the need to create my own identity. I think we have poured that feeling into our music, and hopefully people that feel the same way can find a sense of belonging too. – Vic 

You’ve opened for some big names and have gained much success so far. What are your hopes for REYNA in the near future?

We feel very lucky to have had all these amazing opportunities. Our hope is to keep releasing music people love and relate to…that’s the big motivator. We want to tour the world, and we want everyone to know who REYNA is. – Vic

Check out the ‘Heartbeat’ vid below…