Introducing the AYCH Brand And Their New Disco Inspired CHAPTER FOUR Line

Thursday 28 February 2019

Based in the vibrant and culturally rich Mexico City, fashion brand AYCH (pronounced H) is ready to take center stage with it’s latest release CHAPTER 4. Full of disco-era designs and authentic leather looks AYCH is a brand that should be on everyones radar.

Antonio Dominguez–creator and head designer– started making waves in the fashion industry as the European Visual Merchandising Director for Gucci, after 10 years Dominguez took the next step in starting his own brand. Each of his 4 lines represent a chapter in his life, with every creation reflecting his daily inspirations and styles. Focusing on statement leather pieces, the combination of althlesiure and street and work wear there is something for everyone with AYCH.

With four releases under his belt, and AYCH selections in 12 stores world wide this is only the beginning for the young brand.

We got a chance to chat with Antonio Dominguez about CHAPTER FOUR, his design inspiration and so much more…

AYCH is such an innovative and fantastic brand, can you give us a little background on how it came to be?

Thanks! That is such a compliment! I started the brand a couple of years ago when I moved to Mexico from London. I spent many years working for other brands and 10 of them at Gucci as European Visual Merchandising Director. It was just time to move on and go back to my roots as I originally studied Fashion Design in Barcelona. I gathered enough experience in the fashion industry and it just felt right to start this new adventure whilst in Mexico.

Your latest release CHAPTER FOUR showcases metallic colours and vintage looks, can you describe the inspiration behind this?

I went mostly disco this season. Got inspired by the colors and metallic boldness of the late 70s and early 80s. Then I applied that to my usual materials and inspirations, that way you can find streetwear in metallic leathers or combinations of denim with checks and silver. I really like the idea of mixing concepts and introducing surprising elements into more simpler patterns.

We’re absolutely in love with the array of puffer jackets and patterns, why did you choose to have such a variety in each?

Who doesn’t like a good duvet? Now you can wear it in checks and stripes 🙂 Jokes aside, I think that to puffer leathers, or just having certain areas of a garments puffed, is a way of experimenting with volumes and fabrics. Somehow you are giving another dimension to garments that otherwise might result boring.

What were some of your favourite moments while creating CHAPTER FOUR?

For me, mainly, is the research on the fabrics. It excites me to start fantasizing where and how I am going to apply a new material or fabric I found and how I can translate that into a full collection. The beginning of a collection it’s always the exciting bit.

Can you describe why each collection are promoted as ‘chapters’, does this represent anything in particular?

It represents a story. My story and the story of the brand. On each collection there’s a part of my personal life, daily inspirations, or past memories that are the trigger to certain elements that I then capture on each of the collections. In a few years, I ll look back and see each chapter and it would be like reading and old favourite book or seeing a photo album.

How would describe your personal style and how does that translate into your collections?

Well, for starters, all the mens garments are my size 🙂 So, I can say that for the menswear collections I like to make clothes that I would (and actually do) wear. I am very casual, with some elements of trend that I like to mix with some smarter additions. That’s how I visualize my garments, for both men and women, pieces that could be worn in different situations by just changing the styling. I feel is quite versatile.

Your brand is based in Mexico City, do you find inspiration and ideas from your colourful and diverse surroundings?

Absolutely! You only have to look at Chapter 3, the colours came from Mexican inspiration. The buildings, the interiors, everything is very vibrant here. I am very observant and I like to catch elements from my surroundings, and one of the things that inspired me the most when I got here was the work of architect Luis Barragan, and you can see it in the clash of colors and lines of my designs.

When creating pieces and designs, which trends past or present inspire you?

Streetwear the most. It’s kind of the time too. Definitely it has been a trend for quite a while now, but as I explained before I design clothes that I would like to wear too and I just love the idea of dropping luxury elements on my streetwear outfits. I am not going to say that I am not influenced by trends, but when you look at the chapters of this book, AYCH has certainly evolved but keeping great consistency too. I definitely think that I have managed to create my own style.