Introducing The Soulful Freddie Long

Tuesday 12 February 2019

With a soulful voice that gives us a major case of goosebumps and beautiful lyrics, Freddie Long is ready to take the music industry by storm. Hailing from Brighton the rising musician got his start by posting his performances and songs on social media. With encouragement from his friends, he started to perform his material live.

After garnering attention for his work and signing with his label after just one meeting Freddie Long got down to business for his debut. The end of 2018 saw the release of his first single ‘Jean’ a soulful track that showcases the rawness of Freddie’s vocals to a T. 2019 is looking to be a busy year for this up and coming talent, with the release of 4 singles and his first EP this year.

We were able to chat with Freddie Long and discussed his first single, his creative process, his biggest inspirations and so much more…

Your first single ‘Jean’ is a soulful jam, can you go into the inspiration for your debut track? 

I still find it funny where the inspiration for songs comes from. Sometimes something huge happens in your life and writing a song makes you feel better. Other times it can be something really small that happens but it grabs your attention for a moment, and writing a song about it helps you remember it forever. 

Jean came about from simply seeing this woman walking down the street in London. She was dressed so elegantly and had this crazy aura about her, which seemed to have everyone looking at her as she passed. She had a mysterious glow about her which was really intriguing but kinda difficult to put your finger on. I didn’t know her name but at the time my favourite drink was Jim Beam Whiskey which just morphed in to Jean for the purposes of getting the song down. I’m sure I’ll never see her again, but if I ever do I’d love to play her the song and I’m sure she’d be pretty shocked that I wrote it about her. Who knows, she may have already heard it of course so I hope she likes it.I worked on the track with writer/producer Tobie Tripp, who also co-wrote my next single, ‘Sinner’. He is great to work with and instantly caught the vibe so both tracks were great fun to write!

What’s your creative process when writing? 

In my notes, on my phone, I have pages of lyrics and track titles that I find in all different places or that just land in my brain. Anything that jumps out at, me I make a note and then when I feel inspired or I’m in a session I scroll through and pick which one I’m feeling that day. If I have a concept or an initial idea, even if it’s just a few words I like, I find it a lot easier to build from. I also enjoy collaborating with writers, nothing better than having likeminded creatives in a session

Are there any singers or songwriters that inspire and motivate you as a musician? 

Ahhh shit! Hard question as there’s so many. I think music, in general, inspires me subconsciously. I’m always listening to music and love discovering new artist and sounds which then motivate me to write. The Arctic monkeys AM album for me is one of the greats. The lyrics throughout this album are genius! I love the old school guys too – James BrownBill Withers, those guys know exactly where to find a groove. I hope people feel some of those influences in my music!

When did you decide you wanted to pursue music? 

Believe it or not, I was in the choir at school and even played leading roles in musicals! haha. This was when I was 10/11. As I started to grow into my teenage years I start to slow down on the music side and focus on other things teenagers are into.. partying mostly! It was only when I was 18/19 I started to learn the guitar, which then lead me into writing some tracks and the rest has followed. I’ve always been into music, can’t remember a train or bus ride without headphones in.

Can you give us a sneak peak into your EP? track titles or its sound? 

Yeah! I’m really excited to share my debut EP. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some talented musician to help create it. Growing up I was heavily influenced by Jamiroquai, The Return of the Space Cowboy album, especially, and as I mentioned earlier, the more recent rock gods, Arctic Monkeysand I’m mad for those guys, Shame. The contrast between these sounds really excited me and I wanted to try and create a mix between them. Working between two lanes has helped me to explore what might be my sound so I’m proud that this EP shows a few different flavours. I hope people will like the range and I hope it will inspire them to follow me on my journey towards an album next year.

The lead track is called ‘Sinner’ which I’m so proud of. It’s one of the ‘grittier’ sounding tracks from the EP, with heavy detuned guitars and dirty old synths. It’s certainly got character! The second track is called ‘Known Better’, more of a chilled vibe. From there the next two tracks start to build into the funkier side of my taste. ‘Problems’ especially carries a heavy baseline with some flair that I hope people get down with before the Chorus hits which is like a kick in the teeth. I can’t wait to play that one live!! Final track is called ‘Cross the Line’  which we’re holding back until the weather gets warmer. It’s got a heavy electric groove and I hope people will be blasting that out of their cars and houses with the windows open. It’s a feel good jam, for sure!

Do you have a dream venue that you would love to perform at? 

There’s definitely some smaller venues that I go to and have discovered some amazing artists at which would just be sick play – The Forum (Tunbridge wells) Patterns (Brighton) Omeara (London). But my number one would be The Roundhouse. I’ve been to a few gigs there and it’s just a sick place, the sound and the room are epic. Also, the first night out with my team was at the Roundhouse, we went to watch Tobie Tripp play with Tom Misch, epic show!

What would you like to achieve this year with your music and as an artist? 

I’m excited to release more music! I’ve only released one track, ‘Jean’ at the back end of last year so really excited to get more out. We’ve got the EP on it’s way which I can’t wait to share. I plan to be back in the studio writing for EP 2 and be out and about more playing shows. Really excited to play the Communion show at Notting Hill Arts Club on the 3rd of March. Huge love to the guys at Communion and Maz for giving ‘Jean’ it’s first radio play on Radio X. 

Check out his new single Sinner and accompanying video below