Jerry Williams Is Back With her New Single ‘David At The Bar’

Monday 25 February 2019

Named as “The Singer You’ll Be Obsessed With In 2019” by Topshop Blog, and gearing up to drop her first EP later on this year, Jerry Williams is steadily making her mark within the music industry.

After ending 2018 with a bang by signing to Royal Mountain Records, Big Picnic records and Ferryhouse records respectively, Williams began work on new music. The release of her newest single David At The Bar marks the start of her 2019 takeover. Its a heartbreaking and raw track that is sure to be on everyone’s Spotify’s playlist.

We got a chance to chat with Jerry Williams about her new single, the upcoming EP, her songwriting and so much more…

‘David At The Bar’ is an intimate and vulnerable track, can you give us some background on the lyrics and meaning of the song?

Thank you! It was one of the easiest tracks to write as every line is so true as to what happened. I got speaking to this complete stranger in a bar and I told him I write songs. He said ‘ wow thats so cool, you’re gonna have a really good life and live life to the full’. He then went on to say that he feels like he’s ruined his life, he’s an alcoholic, he’s got a baby on the way and he’s really scared about it. ‘If you write a song about me, I promise I’ll give up drink’ he said. So I promised him I would, and the next day the song was written and I haven’t seen him since. So the song literally is about a man called David who I met in a Bar.

You recently signed to Royal Mountain Records, and Big Picnic Records in Canada and the US respectively, how does it feel being signed and what do you hope this brings for your music future?

It’s crazy. I’ve been unsigned for 6 years, so to now meet people who love what I do and wanna work with me is insane. I’m excited for my music to be heard in different territories overseas and see what happens.

Your debut album is scheduled to be released this year, what can listeners expect from your first album in terms of sound and content?

A lot more edgier vibe but still consistent with my narrative style. There’s new stories which I can’t wait to tell people. As I’ve grown up I’ve got more concepts to write about and new experiences I’ve experienced. This definitely shows in the new tunes.

What was your favourite part of creating your upcoming album? 

Definitely recording. Hearing your demos come to life is so fun and exciting. I can’t wait to get really into it and make something I’m proud of.

When it comes to your songwriting, what experiences do you pull from when creating music? 

Just my life and observations I make. David at the Bar is one of those tracks where I’ve drawn my inspiration directly from someone else. There’s a few songs like that on the album, as well as songs about feelings and experiences I’ve had.
Do you have plans to tour within these upcoming months? 

When the album is due for release, I’ll be hitting the road again woo.

Which artist helped shape you in terms of music and artistry? 

I love artists like Coldplay, David Gray, Slow Club. The emotion in the voice and lyrics connect with me so much from these artists. Bands like Vampire Weekend have totally inspired me in the studio.

 After ending 2018 with a bang, what do you hope to accomplish this year?

 I hope my music connects with people and a sold out tour would be wicked! Can’t believe I’m releasing an album so thats my main focus.

Check out Jerry Williams and her new single David at the Bar: