Lula Miranda: The Emerging Globe-Trotting Pop Star

Thursday 14 February 2019

When it comes to being a world-traveller we have nothing on burgeoning pop artist Lula Miranda. Born and raised in LA the Spanish/Italian songstress has lived in Canada, Columbia and Argentina the latter being her current place of residence.

Miranda has steadily made her take over in pop music with her first album release “Stranger” in 2016. In 2017 she had a combined total of 5 sold out shows between Toronto and Buenos Aries. Miranda’s rise in music has continued in 2018 with her travelling to London’s Abbey Road Studios to record her forthcoming record. 2019 show’s no signs of stopping for the emerging singer.

We had a chance to chat and discuss her recent single Cherry Kiss, her upcoming album and so much more…

So let me get this straight you were born and raised in LA and then made the move to Buenos Aires right? What inspired you to take that leap of faith and move to Argentina?  

That’s right! I was born in LA and I moved around a bit more with my family before finally moving to Buenos Aires. A few years after finishing school I started to think about going back to the US when suddenly a record label here heard a song I had published on Facebook… that’s when I decided to stay and start my music career in Argentina.

“Cherry Kiss” is an absolute beauty of a single, what’s the meaning behind the track? Did you pull from any past experience or current situation?

“Cherry Kiss” talks about a love story. It’s about a relationship that was once very strong and in the song it is being thought of in a very nostalgic way. She wants to go back to that time and place where both of them felt deeply connected. She misses that emotional and physical state and is in search of pleasure. 

The video for the track is full of imagery that’s filled with colours, cherries (obvi), snakes, and a diverse group of women – what was your vision for the video? Are there any meanings that you want the viewer to take away? 

“Cherry Kiss” to me feels like a mix of emotions – strength, nostalgia, freedom, and obviously pleasure. This is why I wanted to use a lot of colors in the video to make the visual cheerful. I also wanted to include a group of women having fun to represent strength and freedom. One of the last scenes represents pleasure. I think the snake stands out the most… people usually think of a snake as something negative but on the contrary, it represents power, wisdom, fertility, health, and loyalty. In the story the main character feels nostalgic and sad at times, but she also feels powerful and thirsty for pleasure.

Can you give us any details on your untitled forthcoming album? What sound are you going for? 

My forthcoming album has a very modern sound. It is definitely pop in style but it has a tiny latin vibe to it. My next single is written in english and spanish so I’m very excited about that song!

You have supported artists ranging from Halsey and Niall Horan. What was it like opening up for some of the music industry’s top artists? 

I love opening up for artists. One of my biggest shows was opening up for Niall Horan – an amazing artist. It’s crazy to stand on the same stage they will be performing in. I get a lot of adrenaline during those kind of shows knowing the audience is not mine. It’s great to have the chance to perform for new crowds and see how they react to your music. I feel very thankful for having the chance to do these kind of shows.

Your sound is filled with so many different genres like R&B and rock, how would you describe your sound? What is your creative process? 

My sound is pop but not 100% pop. I’ve got pop songs that have other genres in them such as rock, r&b, and latin pop. My songs start off as stories / poems or sometimes as very simple melodies with no lyrics. I don’t have one specific way to write them. Whenever I think I have a solid idea, I get together with my producers and start working on the demos. I enjoy the creative process so much. The studio feels like home to me.

You have already made big moves in Argentina and Spain, what are your goals for you and your music in 2019?

This year my aim is to release my whole album and my spanish EP. I want people to be able to listen to the songs I’ve been working on and get to know more about my music and who I am. I’m also planning a small tour at the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020. Performing live is something I really enjoy. I can’t wait to perform my new album!

Check out the Cherry Kiss video below