Meet Moby Rich, Chill Lyrical Geniuses

Monday 04 February 2019
Words Mimi Wright

Moby Rich are the cool kids on the block with their retro, chiller vibes. It’s evident from their tunes and their vids that they really love what they do. They already enjoying success with one of their songs ‘Yoko Ono’ reaching over a million streams on Spotify since their EP ‘Our First EP’ release the 26th of October.

We chatted with Moby Rich to dive into their vibes, their inspirations, their music video and more…

The story of Moby Rich begins in LA, but both of you had been working on solo projects before becoming a two-piece. How did you two come together?

We were both aspiring singer-songwriters at the time we met. Connor was pitching songs for other artists, and Maxwell was writing by himself while working a day job. Neither of us were getting exactly what we wanted out of life, and so we were both looking for other musicians to hang out and experiment musically with. We ended up going to the same open mic and hearing each other perform. We liked each other’s sound, and Connor proposed the idea of writing together and maybe even starting a fake band to put music out under.

What made you decide to be named Moby Rich?

There’s a lot of theories, but scholars maintain the translation was lost centuries ago. So your guess is as good as ours.

How did LA initially compare to your hometowns of Indianapolis and Atlanta?

We both came from suburban towns where the only thing to do was go to parties or hit up a Waffle House in three in the morning. So moving to LA where there is an endless number of things to do was overwhelming, but over time has been a good thing for us. Both of us being artists, it’s a no-brainer that this is where we were supposed to be for this part of our lives.

You both write most of your songs on an acoustic guitar and have a philosophy behind that method. Could you tell us about that philosophy and your songwriting process in general?

The reason we write all our songs acoustically is because we feel like we have a better understanding of the song and a better chance that the song will be good if we start at the ground floor. It’s nice to not have to worry about the production and just focus on the song, the story and the meaning behind it. We think it translates better that way.

What do you think influences your musical tastes most?

We always want to be inspired by something new, so we’re always searching for left-of-center music that will spark some sort of inspiration in us. We both have our own individual tastes, and so we love to share music with each other.

Do you have any favourite albums that you regard as ‘the gold standard’?

We think it’s always changing, but for Connor right now, it’s between ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ by Neutral Milk Hotel Helplessness, ‘Blues’ by Fleet Foxes and for Maxwell, it is ’22, A Million’ by Bon Iver.

From where do you draw lyrical inspiration?

We like more heady stuff, so we’re into people like Father John Misty, Bon Iver, Neutral Milk Hotel and Bob Dylan, but we try to find the balance between that and things that are a bit more conversational. For us, it’s really about trying to find weird ways to say things that connect with people.

Your debut single, ‘Yoko Ono’, is what you have referred to as a ‘euphoric-by-way-of-ethereal burst of joy’. Could you explain the overall message of the track and the vibe you were going for?

It’s simply about the journey you go through when you’re trying to find someone who matches your strange. And sonically, we just wanted to create something cool and different that paired with the message of the song.

The ‘Yoko Ono’ music video is fun as well as clever. How did you arrive at the idea for the visual?

Scottie Cameron, the director we worked with, is a mad scientist and he sent the idea over after hearing the song, and we knew pretty instantly that we wanted to do it. We could see the idea so clearly in our heads, and it matched our personalities so it really just made sense.

What does the future hold for Moby Rich?

We’ll be releasing more music in 2019 and touring a lot so we can start to meet all the people who are listening to the music. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re most excited about — meeting the people who connect with our stuff.