Premiere: Joe Hertz Remixes ‘Dizzy’ By Tim Atlas

Thursday 21 February 2019
Words Mimi Wright

Hit UK Producer Joe Hertz has only gone and done it again. This time, he’s remixed the talented Tim Atlas’ ‘Dizzy’, a synth masterpiece about the whirlwind of a relationship, and the confusion felt whilst balancing the ups and downs.

What makes the underlying track especially fun is the dream-like aura it exudes while also being danceable. It has some great funk sounds intertwined with disco tunes. Hertz has taken this and really expanded upon the danceability; it’s a modern party track, and it makes you wanna move all night.

We were lucky enough to get the exclusive listen to the track before it officially drops tomorrow. Put on your flare jeans and go-go boots and hit play on this jam.