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Spindle Look: Samm Henshaw’s ‘Church’

Friday 15 February 2019
Words Mimi Wright

Spindle Look is our chance to showcase our favourite video releases, and right now, it’s Samm Henshaw’s ‘Church’, a new drop with EARTHGANG. The new accompanying video is just so upbeat, and it all culminates into a vibrant jam session in, well, church. This song might just be our new favourite, and with the video, it’s easy to keep on replay.

‘Church’ follows his hit single ‘Doubt’ featuring Wretch 32. ‘Doubt’ amassed over one million streams on Spotify with the video reaching over two million views on Youtube.

The animated video is such a perfect representation of the track, and it really showcases the high level of artistry from the South East Londoner.

Spindle wanted to get into the genius brain behind some truly bangin’ music. We talked to Samm Henshaw about everything from his many collaborations to the creative process behind his music videos.

What was it like working with EARTHGANG on your new drop ‘Church’?

We never really got a chance to work with them officially as we were on different sides of the world at the time and had already recorded ‘Church’. But getting to hang with them to shoot the music video was amazing, they’re such lovely guys. They are hard workers and so creative, it’s contagious man! 

Can you give us a little bit more info about the story behind ‘Church’?

Honestly there’s not really much else to tell. It’s all within the song. My mum used to wake me up to go church & I wasn’t on it.

What kind of sound were you going for when you were creating ‘Church’?

I really don’t think I had any specific ideas; I just started playing the piano line, and the song came together. This song is actually further away from everything I intended to create sonically, kind of just happened by accident. But definitely worked out for the best.

I love the music video, especially the jam sesh at the end. What was it like making the music video? What were the highlights?

Thanks! Making the video was so much fun. I’m actually not a fan of shooting music videos, cos it’s just long, and there’s a lot of waiting around etc. But I dunno, the energy of this music video was just great from beginning to the end. We were just really excited about how everything was looking and how well it was thought out, which is a real testament to our directors Chris & Carlos, and the crew, so shout out to them! I think the best part of shooting was riding down the street on a Nimbus.

Your song ‘Doubt’ with Wretch 32 was a big hit, as was the accompanying music video. I assume the same will go for ‘Church’. What’s the best part of collaborating with so many talented artists?

Thank you very much. I think it’s being able to see them work and be creative, getting to know them and hang with such cool, lovely people. That makes it great.

Your videos are extremely creative and go so well with the vibe of the song. What did you envision when making the music vid?

Exactly that — how it accompanies the song and the lyric. I think sometimes people can hear a song and maybe not understand the lyric or overall message of the song, so I just think it’s cool to give people a visual aid.

How long did it take you to create? Can you explain more about your songwriting/creative process?

Honestly, I don’t remember. I think it was quite a quick process. We got the bulk of the song done in a day. I said I wanted to write a song called ‘Church’, and we accomplished that mission.

Your forthcoming single ‘Reverend’s Son’ is something I am really looking forward to. Can you describe it in 5 words?

It’s not the easiest song to describe in 5 words — it’s about growing up as a Reverend’s son… you’ll have to wait!

Check out the visually uplifting vid for ‘Church’ below…