The Funky French DJ and Producer: Dee Mad

Wednesday 13 February 2019

At the young age of 15, Dee Mad sprang into music with a passion for production and the industry. Working his way up the ladder within the Parisian music scene Dee Mad was able to dabble as a music director on a number of popular French rap albums.

After taking trips to Rio and South Africa in 2016, Dee Mad discovered music genres baile funk and afro house. This inspired him to get back into the studio to create a new sound that was a combination of his French music background and the global sounds he recently discovered. This influence can be heard within his music today including his newest single CALIBRA.

We were able to chat with Dee Mad about his new single, his journey in the music scene, which DJ inspired him the most and so much more…

‘CALIBRA’ is a guaranteed club banger! What was the creative process while making this track? 

In general I don’t really have a creative process, I’m just about the vibe in a specific moment. I can produce in the middle of the night or in the early morning… This one was especially made for a Deejay Set one of my boys was having that week and I wanted to produce a new one tune for him. In the end, I ended up creating ‘Calibra’.

There are so many different sounds going on in this track, which genres did you find inspiration from?

This song was the first one I did when I got back to Paris, after being in Miami for a while and working on a lot of songs with my friend ‘Sky Rompiendo’.  He is a legendary reggaeton producer. I kind of still had reggaeton vibes in my head when I found the main sound for Calibra. When I found a cool melody, the other sounds actually followed based on that.  When it comes to the drums I like them a bit dirty metallic and hard, drums are definitely my favorite parts when producing.

With ‘CALIBRA’ just released, what else can we expect from you musically this year? 

A lot of music and hopefully a lot of DJ sets! I will release more club songs for my DJ friends, this time featuring artists. Later on this year, before summer, I will hopefully have some big tunes ready. So, I actually have a lot of music to release this year.

In 2005 you hit the club scene at age 15, how do you think its changed since and where do you see the scene headed? 

A lot of things changed. I used to play solely electronic music, but now I play mostly Hip-Hop. That’s the most popular music now in France. That shift changed the game drastically. This shift also brought some urban vibes in the electronic music industry, I love those crossovers happening nowadays.

When you’re in the studio creating music, what’s the first thing you want to achieve? 

Have a sick gimmick that gets stuck in the head, something with a weird and unique sound or if it’s a song, an awesome chorus. When I have that, it makes the production easier.

Which DJ inspired you coming up in the industry? 

There are so many! I’m lucky to have a lot of incredible friends that are DJs or producers and that inspire me and actually help me every day. But also, as I am French, guys like David Guetta or DJ Snake inspired me for sure, they are really popular worldwide.

Especially Snake inspired me, because I used to sneak into his parties in Paris when I was underage and back then he was already a sick DJ. I also think Dillon Francis is sick and Major Lazer with Diplo and Walshyfire … the whole Mad Decent family actually. They are the true kings of crossovers, dirty vibes and riddims and actually made it into the billboard charts without losing their core. I would love to achieve that as well.

What is your favourite part about being a DJ and working with so many different artists? 

My favorite part is for sure is doing live DJ sets. Sadly I stopped performing about a year ago to focus on my production and studio work. Now that I created my own sound, I can’t wait to blast it on any speakers!

If you could be a headliner for any music festival in the world, which would it be and why?

ULTRA Brazil! Haha .. It would be sooooo turnt up! 

Check Out Dee Mad newest single Calibra