Noah Slee, Genre-Mixing Master, Is A Must-Listen

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Noah Slee crafts each song like a true work of art. His attention to detail and the soul he puts in every piece is what makes him truly special. Each track is layered with so many different genres, and they all evolve as you listen, which sets him apart from the crowd.

He also has a song for every mood, so the diversity of his musical reach is impressive. Noah Slee’s new remixes of his Otherland album bump and add a more dance/electronica vibe.

Noah Slee shares a little bit more about his influences, especially dance and his top goals for 2019…

You have a lot of musical influences including contemporary soul, indie-electronica, RnB and more. How do you mesh all of these different sounds to create your music?

These musical influences come natural to me, like it’s a part of my DNA. Growing up in an environment with music constantly blasting, it’s only natural that things become a part of who you are. So when it comes to creating, I take from many influences. Being boxed to one sound can be limiting for me.

Going from there, what does your creative process look like?

Like many creatives I’m sure, it’s always different. AND keeping it different and spontaneous is a part of what keeps it flowing, for me anyway. At the moment, I am working from my apartment (in Berlin), and it can be tough at times to get it rolling, but I do have the luxury of working with other musicians in their spaces (studios/apartments). And so if I ever feel stagnant, I will spend time with other people or do something that’s not music-related. I also don’t spend too much time on something. [I] will move on to another song or idea if it’s starting to feel forced.

You are from New Zealand, which is super cool, but I read you are Berlin-based. How do these two places influence your music?

They are dramatically different. So sometimes, I create with that in mind, learning to see the differences and appreciate them for what they are. Landscape is different, people and attitudes etc. They all play a role in my work. I guess the contrast I play with literally in visual work. Ocean/Mountains and Berlin’s brutalist architecture are very symbolic in my work, and both are beautiful in [their] own way.

Why and how did you get into music?

I love music without a doubt, and it’s weird how satisfied I am with what I do everyday. It feels like I’ve already lived a full life. Creating, recording and performing still feels like magic. We spend a huge portion of our lives working until we eventually retire. Why not do something you enjoy during those years? Although, if I had a choice, I would be a kid again forever haha.

What artists influence you the most?

That changes all the time. I’ve been influenced by dance for the last 2-3 years. I get so much from it and appreciate the dedication. They kind of make musicians look lazy – not that we should compare ourselves, BUT I’ve learnt a thing or two from dancers. And the language is so powerful. I love all styles and also group performances. Fifty people on stage moving as one and looking so tight is such an experience.

What are your top three goals for this year, and why?

Release music, do more music related things in New Zealand (so I can visit home) and start a business. Why? Because I’m feeling it:)

What do people not understand about being a musician nowadays?

That we don’t work hard for it. Some of my friends are some of the most hard-working dedicated people I know and it inspires me. But no, we are not walking on clouds…