Introducing The Honest and Relatable…Howard Kaye

Thursday 21 March 2019

Hailing from Brighton, Howard Kaye’s recent ascent as a solo artist begins with his single ‘Origin.’ This honest and relatable track is a tribute to his father, and gives listeners a deep sense of nostalgia and emotion relating to loved ones in our lives.

The song combines elements of Kaye’s diverse background in music— starting from when he was 16 and playing in bands until now, his journey as a solo artist.

We had a chance to talk to Howard and ask him about his amazing new single and more…

Your new single ‘Origin’ is deeply emotional and moving. What was the creative process like when writing this song?

To be honest this was a song I was absolutely dreading writing. After losing my Dad I knew that as soon as I got back into the studio the experience was inevitably going to come out in my song writing.  Saying that, the whole song came together really quickly and easily.  

How have your past experiences influenced your work?

My past experiences are essential to my writing, however I usually write about other people rather than myself. I guess I don’t really like talking about myself. I’m not one to sit under a tree with a note pad and write about my feelings. I’d rather write a song about my friends recent break up, although this does get me into more trouble. 

What do you want listeners to feel or take away after listening to the track?

I guess most people have lost someone, so maybe they can relate to the feelings conveyed in the song? I have had so many amazing messages from people since releasing the track saying they know how I was feeling and they could relate to their personal situations through my song. 

‘Origin’ has such sweet vocals and a beautiful melody. Could you describe your sound in 5 words?

You Just Have To Listen

How has your style changed now that you’ve gone solo?

Well I have always been in bands and written with my band mates so I guess now that I have gone solo I have complete creative control to do what I want musically.  I try not to think of ‘my style’ really, I just write what I enjoy really. 

Where is your favourite place to write music or draw inspiration from?

I have a studio set up in Brighton which I love being in. I used to have a set up at home but I find it more motivating getting out the house and actually going somewhere specifically to write. Also I have two dogs so I spent more time playing with them than I did writing music. For me I draw inspiration from listening to a lot of new music. If I hear a song that clicks with me I will just want to get into the studio and write. It can be something as simple as a synth sound or a beat.

His newest single ‘Origin’ comes with an artistically curated and beautiful, raw video, and you can check it out here…