Introducing Farrah, Modern R&B Genius

Wednesday 06 March 2019

Farrah has prime vocals, honest lyrics and carefully constructed beats beautifully wrapped up together in her new drop ‘Under Pressure’.

What makes Farrah special is her willingness to speak about her battles with mental health, and it translates smoothly into her relatable, retro music.

The best part about her sound is her revamp of 90s R&B, which she says she is heavily influenced by. This revamp is paired with elements of her father’s Iranian culture, and the Middle Eastern vibes can certainly be detected in her vibes.

We wanted to hear more about Farrah’s creative process, and what her goals are for the future. Peep the convo below for an in-depth dive into Farrah’s mind…

What was your inspiration behind ‘Under Pressure’?

I’d recently met the incredibly talented Catherine Pockson from the band Alpines. We really clicked and ended up having regular chats about looking after mental health alongside pursuing music. As an independent artist, you can often feel like you’re giving every bit of yourself to something that won’t guarantee you anything in return.
I’m not going to pretend everything is perfect because the reality is, I have super down days and super high days as an artist. ‘Under Pressure’ is about giving your absolute all to something and often feeling underappreciated or mistreated but always persevering, because when the hard work pays off, there’s no better feeling, and you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. I hope people can apply this situation to their own relationships, whether that’s with a friend, partner or career. 

For those who haven’t heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?
I’m heavily influenced by 90s R&B, but love discovering current, forward-thinking producers to collaborate with, so I’d say my sound is a modern take on electronic R&B with a touch of the Middle East. My dad’s Iranian, so I’ve grown up visiting my family in Iran and listening to classic Iranian music whenever I’m around him, so that’s undoubtedly had a big influence too. I’ve always wanted to combine the 2 polar-opposite influences within my sound, and I’m happy for that to be subtle or all-out.

What is your biggest dream for your music career?
When I was younger, I would have said to be a total superstar, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve learnt that the most precious thing is being content and having self-compassion during the creative process. I’ve battled with anxiety and depression for about three years and OCD since I was a teen, so the dream is to be at complete peace with myself whilst bringing light into peoples’ lives through words, melodies and performances. 

What’s your dream venue?
I’m not even going to be realistic, deep or cool here. I wanna rise up from the ground on a podium in Madison Square Garden. If the podium is unavailable, I’ll settle for a harness bringing me down from the ceiling. I absolutely adore performing and putting on a show (my friends have to deal with it at every pre-drinks and hate me for it) so the bigger and more extra, the better.

What was your creative process while writing ‘Under Pressure’?
I’d been a fan of an Urban Jazz duo called Blue Lab Beats for a while, so I got my hustle on and blagged some beats from their producer to experiment with. I sent them to Catherine to check out whilst I was on holiday, and as soon as I landed back in London, she had come up with lyrics and a melody to one of them which channelled me/my sound completely. If a song is going to be personal, I’d usually insist on writing the bulk of it myself, but she’s one of few people who just gets me and it was like she had taken the words out of my mind. I went over to her studio, added some finishing touches and recorded it. After that, I took it to one of my favourite producers, Soyas, who just spiced up the whole thing and really brought it to life. 

How did you get into music?
I never really ‘got into’ music. I don’t feel like I ever had a choice on what I was going to do; it’s like music chose me and made sure I wasn’t great at anything else!