Introducing Sam Tompkins: He’ll Put You In Your Feels

Friday 01 March 2019
Words Mimi Wright

Sam Tompkins is what a lot of people aren’t: honest. He writes and sings from the heart about deep emotions affecting him. You can hear the emotion in his voice, and the rawness of it goes straight to your core.

One of his most recent songs ‘Follow Suit’ is about his close friend’s suicide. It’s very real, and it feels as if you are listening to a piece of Tompkins’ soul. But it also sounds like a sigh of relief in a way. It seems as if a million emotions that were trapped inside him are finally being set free.

We got the opportunity to discover more about Sam, especially how he got his start and non-musical influences.

What do you love about creating music?

Creating music is therapy. It gives me a sense of purpose and sometimes, that’s what you need as a person just to get through the day.

Is there a person outside of the music world who influences your music? If so, how do they influence you?

There’s a bunch. I’d say first person that comes to mind is my Dad. He has faced a load of adversities in his time, but he’s made it through. 

What is your favourite thing to do when you aren’t creating music?

To be honest, I love expressing myself through what I wear, so I suppose fashion. I’m not really into the fashion industry itself, but I would say just dressing how I want to makes me happy, and I suppose it’s like a miniature hobby.

You recently released a new single ‘Follow Suit’ which is about a close friend’s suicide. How has music/writing this song helped you grieve?

This song helped me in so many ways. It’s like I couldn’t really say how I felt until this song was written. I pretty much had made peace with this situation when I heard it back for the first time.

How would describe ‘Follow Suit’ for people who might not have heard it yet?

The way I would describe the song is that it’s basically my immediate thoughts and feelings of myself when I found out a very close friend of mine had committed suicide. It’s really about showing that those feelings are normal to have, and it’s okay as a man to express them.

How did you get into music originally, and why?

It was just after my 16th birthday, and I’d been given some money to spend in Brighton from my various relatives. I went into a shop and saw a hat that I liked and by that point, I had spent all my money. My friends gassed me up to go busking. So I was like “yeah, fuck it”. Couldn’t play the guitar back in these times, so I literally just stood there and sang some random covers and within 20 minutes, I had the money I needed. So, I went and did it.

What are your top three goals for this year?

1. Release a great project filled with songs that people will remember their whole lives.

2. Tour the U.K.

3. Stay positive.