Introducing: The Deep And Intricate Iris

Tuesday 26 March 2019

If you’re looking for an artist that can serve an impressive and unique sound with a side of meaningful and thoughtful lyrics than Norwegian singer iris is for you. The emerging artist is ready to continue her rise within music with her newest singles ‘hanging around you/crackers’ and ‘romance is dead’Both tracks showcase Iris’s writing prowess and emotional depth.

With the release of three amazing tracks, a forthcoming EP, and booking a spot at the popular music festival The Great Escape, the rising songstress is just getting started with her music takeover.

We got a chance to chat with iris about everything from her single hanging around you/crackers, her upcoming EP and so much more…

Can you give us a little background on your second single `hanging around you/crackers’? 

It was a long process. I started on it in my room, where I produced and recorded everything but I’m not there yet as a producer so I got two producers to work on it. It turned out pretty great, if i’m allowed to say that myself. 

This song was just me playing around, trying to make something fun and not something depressing and sad for a change. Still, it there is kind of a sad vibe to it. There isn’t a specific story/person behind it (or maybe there is, but still). it just reflects my feelings and how I have no self control when I fall in love. 

Your vocals and production are absolutely fantastic! Can you describe the type of sound you wanted to create with this track? 

Wow, thank you so so much!! It’s difficult to explain, but I’m chasing a feeling with my song writing and production, and somehow there is a connection throughout all of my songs, even though I’m chasing different stories and feelings. Also I want to experiment with vocal effects and a balance between an electronic and acoustic sound

Your debut single ‘from inside a car’ is also a great song, describe the creative process when creating the track?

I collaborated with Askjell Solstrand. It was pretty early on in the project and I was nervous and really bad at explaining what I wanted. But I knew the story and what I wanted to say and had a pretty clear vision. Luckily, Askjell really understood me and it was such a lovely time writing it with him. He was so patient and he is so talented and I feel so very lucky to get to work with him. It was one of those songs that just had its one life. e spent the first day only writing lyrics, and the next day Askjell sat by the piano and everything just made sense. It was a really special session. 

Do your two songs relate to each other at all? 

Not really. They’re both important and meaningful me, but two completely different feelings. 

So you have a EP coming out soon, can you go into the sound of the record, the vision and what we can expect from it? 

It summarizes my first sessions in a way; how I was feeling and what I was thinking about at that time. The songs on my EP are the first ones I wrote in sessions and they vary a bit in sound. One song is a bit RnB, one song is very acoustic, but they still make sense next to each other. 

I think the music I make is supposed to be in a context next to each other, and for the EP and also for my first album, I want it to portray this exact time in my life. and hopefully I can connect with some people through it. expect a lot of honest feelings. 

Are there any features on the project? 

Not yet…. but maybe one day. that would’ve been fun.

Is there an artist that really shaped you growing up?

Yes, of course, but there has been many different artists. I listened a lot to The Beatles growing up, but artists that I discovered on my own such as Regina Spector and Damien Rice also became very important for me, but that was when I was a teenager. 

There’s so much great music in the world and I still find artists that inspire me, for example Banks, I discovered her a year ago and her music makes my heart shiver. hmm it’s so hard to choose just one artist. 

5 years from now where would you like to see yourself musically?

In the studio, happy and working hard. I hope I’m in a place where I can do whatever I want, to make whatever I want to make. I will continue making music and let it take me wherever it wants to go.

Make sure to check out iris’s newest single’s hanging around you/crackersand ‘romance is dead’ below.