Introducing: The Trippy Jimi Somewhere

Friday 08 March 2019
Photography Dev Dhunsi

Norwegian native Benjamin Scahndy also, known as Jimi Somewhere is ready to dominate the music biz. Since 2017 he has been steadily releasing new tracks from the space-dazed song Escape to ethereal singles The Beach and Fall Down. With a sound compromising of indie and electronic pop with a dash of hip hop and his unique vocals, Jimi Somewhere has something for everyone!

The release of his two new singles 1st Place and I Shot My Dog showcases his amazing musicality. Each track carries urban feel and sense of a never-ending summer. Jimi Somewhere isn’t stopping there, he’s also working on his debut EP Ponyboy.

We got a chance to chat with the rising singer and discussed everything from his new EP, his sound, and so much more…

Your single First Place just puts us in a happy mood, can you give us some behind the scenes of making this track? What was your inspiration?

I think the biggest inspiration was that we just arrived in Los Angeles. So we were excited and had a lot of energy. Being new places is always really inspiring. We also made the track with Bearson and usually its just me and my main producer Milo in the studio so working with someone else gave us a boost.

You have an EP release coming up titled Ponyboy, can you give us some background? 

I don’t want to give too much away on the concept of the EP, but Ponyboy Curtis & the movie the Outsiders was a big inspiration while writing this EP. Such a beautiful movie and character. 

You recorded the EP in LA, what prompted your decision to head to the west coast to make this record? 

Both me and Milo felt like we needed to get away from Norway for a while and be somewhere new. Los Angeles just seemed like the logical place to go for a couple of young musicians ‘trying to make it’ haha. Also the weather. Norway gets so cold in the winter. We needed sun. 

Describe the sound of Ponyboy in 5 words or less…

A coming of age movie.  

Can you describe your creative process when making music? What are your must-haves in the studio 

I don’t really have any must-haves. I’m very open for creating in any sort of environment. I think that’s important to creating great art. Just be open for whatever and try different processes. This EP was made on a small Bose portable speaker in a tiny apartment in Koreatown, Los Angeles. Just a mic and a computer. I guess my only ‘must have’ is producer Milo. Team effort!!

 What’s the easiest and hardest part of writing a song?

It kind of depends on the song, but the second verse is often the hardest part. I think coming up with melodies is the easiest. I write overall pretty fast though since I’ve been writing songs for so long. But the second verse still got me stuck sometimes. 

Which artist do you look up to the most and why?

Kevin Abstract, Frank Ocean, Kendrick & Kanye are probably my biggest heroes. It’s just how they treat their art that really gets me. They always push themselves and experiment. Every project sounds different from the last. That’s what I’m trying to do. Never settle! 

Going forward what can we expect musically from you?

Well, I’m working on a first album right now while still putting out this EP. I want to surprise with every release, so you just have to wait and see what will come out next!

Check out the video for his latest tracks 1st Place and I Shot My Dog