Meet Sônge, The Vibrant, Upbeat, Colourful Voice From France

Thursday 21 March 2019

Sônge is breathing life into R&B, bringing with her new rhythms and modern harmonies. She has announced the release of her debut album ‘Flavourite Câlâ’, which will be out March 28.

Her music has elements of different musical genres, including jazz, Congolese, and she wrote songs while in Amsterdam and Cologne. Sônge also has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon where numerous senses are triggered at the same time, so her music hints at the intersection between colour and sound.

Spindle spoke with her about her creative process, her upcoming album and more…

You have such a diverse musical background, which is really amazing. How do you think this sets you apart from other artists?

I’ve always made music in different ways. In middle school, I played percussion, and in high school I learned the requiem of Mozart. When I lived in Germany, I learned electronic music all on my own and took courses in romanticism and impressionism in musicology in college, with further jazz studies. These offered me different ways to discover and make music. I’ve also always enjoyed a variety of music genres: reggae when I was little, on to Bjork, CocoRosie, then more electronic sounds as a I grew up and a lot of dancehall today.

Perhaps it’s all the above that makes the music unique.

You have synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon where one sense triggers another. In your case, you see colors when hearing sounds. Can you try to give a description of what it’s like to create music while also having synesthesia?

Synethesia are senses that intertwine. When I compose a harmonic chords progression, I see colours that come to mind. Then I contrast them, I combine them with others. Sometimes I’m going to hide the true meaning, true intent of the piece so that one can only discover it when you’re listening to it for the tenth time, like some painters. I will also use metaphors, like during the censorship era when painters could not tackle thorny topics in a frontal way. It’s the same! Music, painting, cinema, theater, art installation, v-jaying, all of that is a question of sensitivity, colours.

You write your own lyrics, create compositions and beats to match. What is your favourite part of the creative process since you are so heavily involved in it from beginning to end?

I prefer when I find the harmonic frame. It’s really what transports me; it’s what gives colours to the music. When I find it, I can spend hours playing it. It is important for me to find the chords that I really seek after, interesting progressions because it is the basis of the piece. My melody will flow from that.

Your debut album ‘Flavourite Câlâ’ is set to be released 28 March. Can you describe its sound for us? 

It is colorful, vibrant, sinuous, spooky. You will find some sand from Cuba, you can take a trip in the troubled waters of the Colorado River, lose yourself in a Wagnerian tale that talks about the Valkyries, a treasure and a thousand adventures. A detour by Guadeloupe even, where you will hear tales about the Soukounian, a baleful spirit.

How did you get your start in music?

In middle school when I learned percussions.

What is your dream venue to perform at, and why?

I’d love to play Coachella because Palm trees are dreamy.

What are you most looking forward to about releasing your debut album ‘Flavourite Câlâ’ this year?

I can’t wait to share it because I’ve finished it sometime ago. I want it to belong to others now that each one can appropriate it.

I want it to travel , to carry on with its own life !