Nike to Release 3 Eco-Friendly Sneaker Lines Summer 2019

Thursday 21 March 2019

Nike has been taking steps to move towards a greener future, and with Earth Day coming up on 22 April, the company is gearing up to release 3 lines of eco-friendly sneakers.

Noel Kinder, Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer, advocates for eco-friendly production citing that it is crucial for the “importance of preserving our planet for Nike’s long-term growth.”

Their website outlines the company’s objectives concerning sustainability and shows how their Flyknit material diverts 60% of waste from reaching landfills.

Nike’s new “Earth Day Pack” will include sneakers made from recycled leather scraps, with each shoe being unique due to the recycled nature of the product.

Another exciting development Nike announced was their Plant Color Collection, which will include shoes made with plant-based dyes. With textile dyeing being the #2 polluter of clean water worldwide, this new process is sure to have a positive impact on the availability of resources. The two shoes that will receive these neutral, muted tones will be the Air Max 95 and Blazer Low. Artist Steve Harrington is the man to give credit to for the unique aesthetic of the line.

Nike is orienting themselves toward a greener future, and we are all here for it.

The shoes will be released throughout summer 2019.