Spindle Look

Spindle Look: Snakehips Has Dropped A Vid For ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’… Press Play And Get Ready To Chill

Friday 08 March 2019
Words Mimi Wright

The popular Snakehips have done it again. But this time, they paired their sound with KYLE and Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo for their new track ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’.

The vibes are much more relaxed and chill; it’s a refreshing mix that will carry you right into the summer. Though it isn’t as fast-paced as some songs Snakehips are known for, it doesn’t matter because ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’ is unique, calming and reminiscent of memories from years past. It has its own sound and shows the diversity in the sound Snakehips can create.

We had the opportunity to talk to Snakehips about their new flame track and the accompanying music video…

Describe your collaboration for ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’. How did it come to be?
It was a song Ollie and I wrote last summer. We wrote the hook and the beat with our friend Joe, then our manager got the track to Weezer somehow. Rivers wrote back and said he liked the track and wanted to try [to] vocal it. His vocal came back, and we loved it so then we hit up KYLE to see if he was down to do the second verse and it turned out Weezer were his favourite band!

What was the creative process like for ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’?
We wrote it in the middle of that crazy hot summer in London last year so we were feeling pretty tropical. I think that comes across in the beat. After we wrote it, Ollie and I set about producing it. It’s got Ollie playing guitar on it and a breakbeat layered with different drum hits. Then our friend Joe played down the bass.

I love the accompanying video for ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla.’ It’s so fun and just reminded me of my school days. How did you envision the video?
Haha yeah we wanted to do something fun and upbeat. We had this idea originally involving cut out celebrity faces, but we were told it could put us in hot water so we scrapped that. Our next idea was to do a sort of Napoleon Dynamite-esque video. We wanted something in a school as some of the verses talk about school days, and we wanted it to feel nostalgic in a sense.

You’ve done some really amazing collaborations. What is your favourite thing about collaborating?
I think it’s how a new vocal can change the vision for the song. It’s exciting hearing someone’s take on a song that you’ve written, and I find it more often than not influences the next steps of the production.

How do you define a Gucci Rock N Rolla in your own words?
A misfit who is content in their weirdness. Indifferent to what others think, a Gucci Rock N Rolla lives in their own bubble, knowing that they are destined for greatness.

What would be your dream collaboration?
For Ollie it’d be Nas and for me Alexandra O’Neal.

I blast your music because it has such good beat drops, especially ‘Don’t Leave’. ‘Gucci Rock N Rolla’ definitely has a more chill vibe. Is your sound transitioning to something new? 
Our sound is always changing. It’s a reflection of where we’re at and what we’re listening to at the time of writing. I think ‘Gucci’ was so chill because of how hot last summer was — a drop would have killed us in the studio haha.