Spindle Selects: Tracks Of The Week

Friday 01 March 2019

Howard Kaye – Origin

Brighton based Howard Kaye – former frontman of alternative hip-hop band CROOX – drops his captivating debut single as a solo artist today. ‘Orgin’ is a raw and touching tribute and the first song he had written since his father passed away. Kaye is definitely a one to watch this year.

Odette – Lights Out’ (Jerome Blazé) remix

Australian artist and songwriter Odette follows up her debut album ‘To A Stranger’ with a remix of the single ‘Lights Out’ by fellow Sydney based producer Jerome Blazé. The remix is an ambient and powerful electronic pop tune, perfect to blast in the car on road trips this summer.

MJ Cole –  Mercy ft. Kudu Blue

MJ Cloe shares his latest ‘Waking Up’ EP with a new single ‘Mercy’ featuring the Brighton based Kudu Blue. The beautiful verse floats with downtempo beats building up to a chorus that gives us that sunset feel. ‘The Waking Up EP’ is the second in a series of EPs dropping throughout the year, and we are waiting impatiently for more!


Edgy COLOUR from the northwest coast of England returns with brand new irresistible single ‘Rush’. A modern London Calling-esque anthem, a rallying cry to the fellow downtrodden. ‘Rush’ is a capturing artful indie rock tune that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Hollie CarmenPlan B

Ugh! the soul that this songstress has is just unbelievable. Plan B is a track that will transport you back to a 90’s summer, with fresh squeezed lemonade, and life of an urban city. Hollie Carmen is steadily taking over and adding some fresh R&B tracks to the genre. Make sure to add to ya’ll playlists.

OctavianBet (feat. Skepta & Michael Phantom)

This track slaps hard!!!! The minute the song starts your hit with heavy-hitting beats and a catchy chorus! Octavian collaboration with Skepta & Michael Phantom is absolute magic. We don’t know about you, but this track is perfect for a night out on the town (twerking included)

James Bay – Peer Pressure (feat. Julia Michaels)

This track is full of all the feels and now one of our favorite love songs. James Bay and Julia Michaels make sweet music together on the track. With sweet and intimate lyrics and the amazing use of the acoustic guitar, drums, and tambourine Peer Pressure is a sure-fire pop hit!

Freya Ridings – You Mean The World To Me (Official Video)

Such a powerful track accompanied by even stronger vocals. Freya Ridings You Mean The World To Me is a beautiful track that will leave you breathless. The track is apart of her recently released EP of the same name. The video features Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and showcases a relationship between a father and daughter, and the heartache the two experience with each other. We’re not crying…you are…

Rebekah Fitch – Poison

Combining enigmatic visual artistry, thought-provoking lyric writing, and genuine wonder, Rebekah Fitchis a new artist that will spark intrigue. The power of music is in its ability to carry a message, and this is exactly what Rebekah does. New single ‘Poison’is a question to the listener, addressing the way we are taught to think and what we are taught to value by society. We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for this rising talent.

Betta Lemme – Kick The Door

Betta Lemme isn’t letting us catch our breath. The Italian-Canadian singer has just dropped another brilliantly bold single. Following on the heels of “Give it” released just ahead of the new year, “Kick The Door” truly showcases how talented and unpredictable the singer-songwriter is. Describing the song as the “Tarantino fight scene,” this latest single is not only empowering but knows how to get your heart pumping. Switching between languages without missing a single note, Betta transports you into another world with her music and does not disappoint. 

Ady Suleiman – Strange Roses

A deeply soulful and emotive love song produced by GRADES (NAO/Dua Lipa), ‘Strange Roses’ is the first track to be taken from Ady’s mixtape ‘Thoughts & Moments Vol 1’ which is out on 5th April. Ahead of the mixtape release, Ady will head out on tour starting in Nottingham on 10th March and playing up and down the country before headlining Electric Brixton, London, on 21st March. He then heads to Europe where he plays a string of dates including Amsterdam, Paris, Milan and Berlin


‘IGNANT’ is the latest offering from the enigmatic London DIY collective NiN8, which is made up of artists, musicians, rappers and other intriguing creative talent including Lava La Rue and Biig Piig. The 9 strong crew do everything from producing their own videos to designing the outfits in the videos, and have started to tease out a string of impressive debut tracks of which their latest is the lo-fi ‘IGNANT’. Check out the new video, shot in a one-take style – which throws between all individuals in the collective in a mock photo shoot / day in the life setting.

Wauve – For You

The second single from LOST ONES artist Wauve is a chilled, melodic fusion of what is sure to become his signature sound; a rich mix of lo-fo r&b, aforbeat and trap sounds. The 21-year-old artist spent his teenage years on the web teaching himself how to produce, before producing tracks for YouTube talent. Inspired by his Eritrean heritage, Wauve makes the shift from producer to artist articulately with this latest release. Press play and turn up.

Loyle CarnerLoose Ends

Loose Ends is an amazing collaboration that we never knew we needed. Loyle Carner bars and Jorja Smith vocal effortless blend, creating sweet music that will be a mainstay on our playlist. A deep and thoughtful track, if you haven’t added it on your playlist make sure you do!

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