Spindle Selects: Tracks Of The Week

Friday 22 March 2019

RuthAnne – Love Again

Irish singer-songwriter RuthAnne releases her latest single ‘Love Again’, giving us a taste of what’s coming on her long-awaited debut album – out later this year. The vibrant track is about convincing another to let love back in after being broken. RuthAnne’s vocals are truly honest and powerful. 

Ady Suleiman – Best Friend

Following an incredible London show last night, the third single to be taken from Ady Suleiman’s forthcoming mixtape, Thoughts & Moments Vol. 1, ‘Best Friend’ is out now. A breezy track with his charming lyrics backed by a dynamic beat combine to form a sound that is entirely unique but instantly recognisable.  A deft songwriter and a singer with soulful brilliance, Ady Suleiman has a rich era-spanning appreciation of music and an innate need to turn life experiences into narrative. With huge touring plans, lots of new music ready to release and Ady having been announced as the face of ‘Barbour Beacon’, 2019 is setting up to be his most exciting year yet.  

Lizzie and Missy Elliot – Tempo

This track absolutely bangs! The beat makes us wanna twerk all up and the Missy Elliot collab is EVERYTHING. The catchy hip hop track is an amazing example of embracing your curves and being THAT B***H when walking in to the room. With lyrics like “slow songs are for skinny hoes, can’t move all this here to one of those, i’m a thick b***h, I need tempo“, you know its gonna be a hit.

Jonas Blue ft. Theresa Rex – What I Like About You

He’s done it again ladies and gentlemen! ‘What I Like About You’ is an amazing feel-good track that should be on everyone’s playlist. Theresa Rex delivers fantastic vocals that effortlessly blend with dance tracks. Excuse us, were gonna go play this on repeat a few more times…

Dean Lewis – Hold Of Me

‘Hold Of Me’ is the title track off of Dean Lewis’s new album A Place We Knew, and we’re absolutely in love! A love song through and through, Lewis’s vocals are raw and filled with emotion that it makes you wonder who he’s singing about. ‘Hold Of Me’ sets the tone for his new album, which flows perfectly. Make sure to check out the single and his new album.

KAWALA – Moonlight

Harmonies, acoustic guitars and feel good lyrics are what make up KAWALA’s new track ‘Moonlight’. The North London duo’s compatible voices create a pleasant and almost heavenly sound together, further adding to the already great song. If you like ‘Moonlight’, then you’ll love their recently released EP called Counting The Miles. Everyone do yourself a favour and add this track to your playlist.

Lucy Rose – Conversation

An intense track, ‘Conversation’ is a track that will have you thinking of your lover, past or present. The song has a cinematic sound that perfectly matches with the eerily beautiful voice of Rose. As the title track for her recently released album, No Words Left, ‘Conversation’ leaves us wanting a snuggly jacket, a boo thang and the soft putter of rain on the window sill…

Liv Dawson – Pushing 21

We are in LOVE with Dawson’s new track. The unabashed singer gives it all on this simple, yet engaging, track. The song sees the songstress pushing back against her trash lover and embracing singledom, while embracing her journey of self-discovery. ‘Pushing 21’ is a powerful track that will be a staple on our feel-good playlist all spring.

Dolapo, Alicia Harley & Br3nya – Skin [Remix]

Funky and catchy with an amazing Carribean-Hip-Hop infused sound, Dolapo’s ‘Skin’ remix is an absolute banger that deserves to be on everyone’s playlist. The songstress collabs with Alicai Harley and Br3nya to make an already amazing song even better.

Sinead Harnett – By Myself

‘By Myself’ throws us in so many directions, and we are living for it. Harnett’s hypnotic voice and relatable lyrics of a relationship that’s hit its wall mix to form an early 2000s sound. The song has everything we could ever ask for.

Maverick Sabre ft Jorja Smith – Slow Down

‘Slow Down’ is the product of Maverick Sabre and Jorja Smith that should be on everyones radar. The song opens up with simplistic sound including snaps, a strum of a guitar string and rumblings of a tambourine, fitting perfectly with the Sabre’s soulful voice. Jorja Smith’s contribution to the track is the cherry on top to this amazing song and lifts it to new heights. Maverick Sabre new album When I Wake Up includes ‘Slow Down’.

Easy Life – Wet Weekend

Easy Life’s new track is the perfect song to play when you’re chillin’ with your friends at a kickback. The urban hip hop vibes and vocals create a mood that makes us want to close our eyes and bop our heads. If you’re feelin’ this track, then their new release Spaceships Mixtape is for you–more amazing music that brings absolute happiness. Check them out!

Anteros – Afterglow

They’re back with a new full length album When We Land.  Afterglow is the stand out track of the album, with it’s vintage 80’s sound and powerful vocals from Laura Hayden. The track is full of angst and makes us wanna hope in a vintage convertible while driving down a deserted highway… full speed. The album contains other amazing gems like Ordinary Girl, Honey and self titled track Anteros.

Nadia Rose – Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode brings the heat to our playlist and will be one our favourite track for the next few months. Nadia Rose delivers bars that are full of sass and confidence. For all my independent, bad girls and guys out there this track is a must on your self hype playlists.

Connie Constance – Bad Vibes

We are absolutely in love with Connie Constance and her new album English Rose. The album takes us on a journey to the inner workings that make up the songstress. We get a different glimpse of Constance with tracks ranging from high energy songs to intimate and deep records like the standout Bad Vibes. The track is about giving up on a relationship that only creates negativity. If you haven’t already listened to Connie Constance’s new album, than pull up a chair and brace yourself for amazingness.

Felix Rauber Running Out of Time

Since he was a child, Felix Räuberhas been obsessed with making music and the communication of emotions. Conceptually tying into the previously released WALL EP, new single Running Out Of Time performs in his cinematic pop style, an imposing symbiosis of elements of neoclassical and pop. Räuber releases the single in combination with a corresponding music video, which is part of an art work, a video suite. For each song of the EP, a video, produced by Räuber, has been created, which builds on each other in content.

Ed ProsekWisdom

Ed Prosek’s new single, Wisdom,is a lush return to themasterly songwriting that enamoured millions in 2018.Last year, two million fans streamed Ed’ssongs over 12 million timeson Spotify alone, which is no mean feat for an emerging artist. If 2018 was a year when millions of people first discoveredEd’s emotive lyrics and classic songwriting, then 2019 is set to be the year they fall in deeply in love with a wave of new songs which take his craft to new, lustrous heights.

Check out our Spotify playlist with our favourite tracks below!