The Fierce and Empowering Andreya Triana Returns With New Single BROKE

Monday 11 March 2019

London-born Andreya Triana is not your average R&B talent. Her incredible vocals, writing prowess and bluesy sound puts the emerging singer into a lane of her own. The songstress has been releasing music since 2010, first with her critically acclaimed album ‘Lost Where I Belong’ and then 5 years later with her sophomore debut ‘Giants’.

With her upcoming third album and the release of her new singles WOMAN and Broke, the confidence, and vulnerability make’s her a force to be reckoned with. Each album has represented a phase in the singer’s life, and we can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for the songstress.

Your two singles ‘WOMAN’ and ‘Broke’ are fantastic tracks. What was the creative process like for you making these songs?

Thank you! ‘WOMAN’ went through about 100 different lyric variations before we came up with the title and concept. When it finally clicked it felt so good. I wrote ‘Broke’ with two amazing writers called Dee Adam and Carl Ryden, I remember it coming about really organically and flowing really easily. That one was a breeze to write compared to ‘WOMAN’.  

The lead single ‘WOMAN’ has such a powerful message, can you go into the inspiration for this track?

I spent a lot of my teenage years and twenties not feeling good about myself. Now, I’m in my thirties I really feel very empowered and want to share that uplifting feeling. I wanted to create a song that was a feel good empowering anthem and something that would leave you feeling better after you heard it then how you felt when you pressed play. 

Your album ‘Life In Colour’ is out later this year, can you give us some details on the project? What is the theme both lyrically and sonically? 

My forthcoming album ‘Life In Colour’, which is out 24th May, is really about empowerment. It’s about stepping into the light and being your best self. It’s a lot more rhythmic and raw than my other albums and I wanted to keep it straight up and simply lyrically. I worked with some great people and it was lovely staying close to home when making this record.   

What’s your favourite part of songwriting?

My favourite part of songwriting is the initial spark of inspiration and when it’s finished. Everything in-between is constant refining and hard graft! There’s nothing like hearing the final finished song played loud on speakers and dancing around the studio! Actually, that’s the best feeling in the world!    

You worked with some of the music industry’s most sought after songwriters and producers like Dee Adam and Bastian Langebaek to name a few, can you give us some background on how these link ups came to fruition? What was it like working with them? 

I’ve worked with Dee for a long time and the first track we wrote together was ‘Everything You Never Had’, which turned out to be my first Top 10 hit. We have since written loads of songs together. Working with Bastian came about through our management and he was fantastic to work with. Really upbeat and he has great ideas. 

You’ve been releasing material since 2010, how have you changed as an artist?

I look back and my first album ‘Lost Where I Belong’ feels really innocent, my second album ‘Giants’ feels like a self-conscious teenager and ‘Life In Colour’ feels like stepping into womanhood. Over the course of a decade I think you change and evolve as an artist. My voice has changed, my motivation has changed, but the passion still stays the same. 

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue music?

From the age of about seven, I was writing poetry and recording harmonies using two cassette players. I was the kid that was involved in anything and everything musically at school. Music was always what I loved the most and as I got older I realised I would put my all into making it my career. 

If you could give your past self advice what would it be and why?

Three life-changing words… LOVE YOURSELF GIRL! 

Check out her new video for the single BROKE.

Andreya Triana’s album ‘Life in Colour’ is out 24th May.