Video Premiere: Kwassa ‘Sad Songs’

Thursday 14 March 2019

Scott Verrill, also known as kwassa, is a British singer with a fresh take on life and love songs. kwassa’s youthful sound, combined with his catchy melodies have earned him 17 million streams to date.

Kwassa comments “The words in ‘sad songs’ obviously have a level of irony, as the music is so upbeat and playful, but lyrically the song is about feeling a bit lost. I wanted to get that across in the video by using the crowd / confetti / bright colours, and cutting between a scene where I’m alone in a bedroom, to me being swamped in a crowd of people. I worked with Max the director on my last music video which was just one dancer and I, and on this one we were really keen to incorporate a crowd – it also only felt right to match the unity of the chorus with a bunch of young people.”

With lyrics like “we’re just in the jungle, trying to see the stars out, listening to sad songs, trying to get the feels out,” kwassa echoes the ambiguity of adolescence, and the ways people express themselves during that transitional period in life.

Before evolving into kwassa, Verrill was a part of the youngest band at Glastonbury and operated under the name KYKO. After four years of developing his sound, he quickly gained an online audience that vibes with his unique sound.

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The budding young artist is currently working towards his first EP. You can listen to his top tracks here…