Dennis Lloyd… On Songwriting, His New EP, and Isolation In Thailand

Monday 08 April 2019
Words Mimi Wright

Dennis Lloyd was in his homeland of Israel when his hit single ‘Nevermind’ was amassing thousands of streams, which turned into millions of streams. The song now has 457 millions streams on Spotify. But he wasn’t aware because Spotify wasn’t available in Israel.

“I was like ‘uh oh’, what’s going on? I’ve got to open Spotify more often. It all started there. It was, just like, a shock.”

Dennis said it was on the top 50 global, top 50 viral and that it was going all over the world. He said he intended for the song to be a hit, but never knew if it would get there. But it did. And it has propelled his career enormously.

The extremely talented singer/songwriter has just released Exident, his newest EP; it examines different phases of his breakup, starting from the end and working backward. Before the piece starts, though, he includes a brief Spanish monologue directly addressing his ex: “I’m sorry for what I’m about to say. I love you. Forgive me.” 

When asked if he expected his ex to hear it, he made it clear this EP was about his dealings with the breakup and wasn’t written for her.

“It’s closure,” Dennis said.

Dennis is deeply personal in his singing and songwriting, which makes his music that much more understandable. Songwriting for him is all about little-to-no distraction; he likes to write at night when there is little to sidetrack him from the creative process. He says songwriting is like writing a diary. But don’t think his music is only about relationships…

“That’s my way to express my emotions and my feelings – through music. Yeah, most of the music I have out now on Spotify or what I have released is about relationships, but a lot of it is not that I haven’t released yet.”

Dennis is unique in the sense that he is completely devoted to his music, no matter what. He spent time in Bangkok, Thailand, after completing three years of required military service for Israel. There, he was completely isolated in a single-bedroom apartment with no access to wifi.

“That’s how I found my sound, and it affected me a lot, to be especially isolated.”

His world tour kicked off 7 April in Vancouver and includes stops at Coachella and Governor’s Ball.

The EP features four songs and a brief introduction. Check it out below…