In Photos: The Amazons

Tuesday 09 April 2019

“A rock band poised for greatness in 2019,” The Amazons are the ones to watch out for this year, and many years after.

Formed in 2014, this 4-person band comes from Reading, UK and their popularity is soaring more now than ever. They already have over 27k followers on Instagram, and when coupled with their catchy tunes, are destined to draw in crowds from all age groups.

The band’s second album is set to be released on 24th May on Fiction Records, but for now we can listen to their latest release ‘Mother’ which is “a defiant song, challenging friends, gods and everyone in between.”

We had the chance to ask the band a little about their history and new music…

How did the band come to be what it is today?
Through a mixture of purposeful and random events. We formed the band in Reading over a couple of years, settling on the final lineup in 2014. Toured, got signed, toured, released an album, toured further away, toured closer to home, wrote a second album, recorded it and now we are very ready to release it and catch up on some touring.

Describe your sound in 3 words.
Rock, Roll, And. 

‘Mother’ is a song about owning mistakes— describe where you drew inspiration from when developing the track.
I guess most of us have a picture in our heads of the kind of person we’d like to be, or like to be seen as. What happens when you take a step back and see some of your own actions don’t really tally up with that idea? That was the initial premise of the song. It was pretty whingey at the beginning, but I sort of fell across a song by Son House called ‘Grinnin in Your Face’. I found via a Jack White interview on YouTube. It’s a brutally raw Delta Blues song, just Son House clapping his hands and taking on the world. I knew I just had to flip the lyrics I already had on their head and try and capture that fire and defiance for Mother.

What do you hope that fans take away from the song?
Whatever they want. It’s not up to me and that’s great. That’s the best bit. I take away faith and conviction in myself. It gives me a confidence to say ‘fuck it, I’m not perfect’ and that’s a lot more interesting. If that’s something that passes on to someone else then cool. Musicians aren’t therapists but the door certainly isn’t closed if you want to listen to the music that way. 

It is also about defying all the influences in our life that tell us how to think and feel. What is the reasoning behind titling the song ‘Mother’?
I’ll defy Gods, friends, cheats, but I won’t defy my Mother. I don’t need to either, she made me, she above all knows who I am. 

Your new album is set to drop this summercan you describe some of the sounds fans can expect to hear?
It’s a Rock and Roll record. I’ve said I feel like the album is half an exploration and half a love letter. We make the kind of music we want to hear, and we haven’t been hearing these kinds of sounds for a while. It howls and moans like a dying beast should do I suppose. 

What is your goal for 2019?
To see how far we can go before we have to go home. 
That’s the goal every time.

What does it mean to be able to play at SXSW?
It’s exciting. There’s an energy that we haven’t experienced anywhere else. It’s even more exciting to play in Austin. The city and state of Texas has such a rich musical history. A lot of artists we’ve been listening to when making the new record are from there. Lightnin’ Hopkins, Buddy Holly, Janis JoplinB to name just a few out of the countless.

What is your favourite part about performing live?
It’s the same as the people coming to see us. It’s a relief from the pressure. The pressures of life, the mind or whatever. There aren’t many opportunities right now to truly be in the moment, and rock and roll is something that can provide that.

Check out ‘Doubt it’ here…