Introducing: Jasmine Thompson

Friday 05 April 2019

An 18 year-old London native, Jasmine Thompson is releasing ‘more,’ a song chronicling self-destruction in her own words. ‘more’ is Jasmine’s first single to be released on her upcoming EP, Colours.

Jasmine is the daughter to an English father and Chinese-born mother, which has provided her with a unique perspective growing up, and she quotes that it has provided her with “a sense of one foot in two different worlds.”

Her music conveys a sense of loneliness that draws listeners in, and with her ageless soulfulness, opens her up to appeal to a diverse crowd.

We had the chance to ask her a little more about herself and her work…

Tell us a little about yourself…what got you into making music?

Music has always been a joy for me. My mum got me a piano and singing lessons around 8 years old and ever since I’ve been using music as a way to express myself. I started YouTube when I was 10, got signed at 14 and have been releasing music since then.

‘More’ has such a beautiful sound…can you tell us the creative process behind the song?

I have been working closely with the producer Eg White for a couple of years now.  So, when we work together we experiment with different sounds and ways of writing. I was obsessed with a song by Massive Attack, so we tried to find a way of replicating the production. It was quite dark and negative, and we got a little bit stuck, trying to figure out how to lift the song in the chorus. So after a long hard thinking session, we decided to flip it completely and make it grow into a song that was more positive. We filled it with brass and strings and it was really fun slowly moulding the song.

What do you hope fans take away after listening to your music?

I just hope that they can connect to what they hear. I feel extremely proud of this EP and I hope that they like it as well.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I adore Florence And The Machine, the way she moves on stage and the amount of emotion she has in her voice has always blown me away.

What is one thing you can’t live without?

Coffee has always been needed in the morning. I mainly just like the taste of it. It’s not about keeping me awake, I normally have one before I go to bed.

Other than making music, what other activities are normal in your daily routine?

I love walking around in parks. It’s nice to switch off my phone for an hour and the park is a great place to do that. I normally go walk and talk with a friend and it’s just fun to do nothing.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

I’m doing a lot of writing this year for future projects, I’ll also be doing a lot more gigs around London and I’m excited to perform these songs on stage.

Jasmine’s EP ‘Colours’ is being released 5th April 2019, and you can listen to ‘more’ here…