Introducing: The Emo-Rap Prodigy Teddy

Friday 26 April 2019

If you’re looking for an artist that is the perfect mould of Emo and Rap, then emerging artist Teddy is your guy. After the success of his 4 track EP Castle With No Light, the emerging artist is back with a new self-titled album Teddy. The emerging artist new music showcases his style, bars, sick beats and overall musicality that makes us excited for what’s to come.

We got the chance to chat with Teddy about his new album, his first EP, a few of his standout tracks and more…

Your track ‘Crying Love’ is a song that make us feel all types of emotion, can you go into how this track came to be?

I was in the studio one night and all of my emotions just came out naturally on the track. It took about 10 minutes to make the song overall. It just felt like a good vibe and it reminded me of some of my old shit, so I decided to drop it.

While listening to ‘Crying Love’ & ‘Broken Hearts’ and ‘Taste Me’, it’s hard to pinpoint the sound, which we absolutely love! Can you describe the sound of your music? Which genres are you pulling from?

I don’t even know anymore. I don’t really think about specific genres, I just focus on the mood of the songs. I make music that is natural and genuine and I like listening to. My only aim is to make good music.

Broken Hearts’ and ‘Taste Me’ were produced by Swedish artist Canto and features guitar work from your uncle Christian Määttä. Can you go into how that link up with Canto came to be? What was it like working with him and your uncle?

I’ve known Canto for awhile now, so it was great to be able to work with him. The whole process was dope, especially working on music in a place where I’m from. I’m about to go back there and make some more music with them soon.

Your first EP “Castle With No Light” brought you onto the scene, what are the similarities and differences with your first EP and your recent releases?

Since “Castle With No Light” was my first EP, I was still discovering my sound. It was a good stepping stone to get where I am now with my upcoming album “Teddy.” Once you hear the new album it will explain it all.

Your self-titled debut album dropped today, can you go into the sound of the album?

Since my debut album is self-titled, I wanted everything to be as true to who I am as possible. I think the best way to describe the sound of the album is it’s purely who I am.

What was the creative process like for you when you were making the record?

The creative process for this album was to let everything come together naturally. If a song didn’t feel right, I didn’t force it. I feel like that allowed me to be myself and put together a solid body of work.

What do you want your fans both old and new to take away from this album?

I want my fans to be able to take whatever they need to take away from the album. I hope that they are able to relate to it, and that the album can make them happy and make them feel good.

How does the album differ from your previous EP?

This album is a reflection of where I am as a person and sonically today. I’ve grown a lot in the past year and you definitely will be able to hear the difference.

Make sure to check out his video for Spine and new self-titled album Teddy!