Introducing: The Young, Yet Mature Arlo Parks

Wednesday 03 April 2019

Arlo Parks is only 18 years old, but she is wise beyond her years. The London-based musician and poet pours heart and soul into her songs, and communicates compassion and empathy to listeners.

She details that her EP Super Sad Generation was made “to pay tribute to all those kids that are in a lot of pain and are confused as to why.” The EP will be released 5th April 2019 and will include 4 tracks.

Arlo is set to perform at a couple festivals in the coming months, including The Great Escape, Loud & Proud, and We Out Here Festival.

We had the chance to ask her a few questions…

Can you tell us a little about how you got into music?

My dad was always playing jazz in the house, like John Coltrane and Miles Davis, and my mum was into old school French classics like Jacques Brel and Joe Dassin so I’ve been surrounded by an eclectic mix or music since I was born. I picked up the piano at 7 and then eventually the guitar when I was 13ish – that’s when I started writing cheesy little songs to impress my crushes and it all went from there.

You’re only 18 years old, but your music seems to have a sense of maturity to it. How do you think your background and experiences have influenced your music?

My experiences have shaped my way of looking at the world as well as both the process and the content of the art I create. I write about things I’ve been through and the stories of the people around me – I feel like the best songs I’ve written are the ones I’ve lived.

What do you hope fans take away after listening to your music?

I hope they feel a little bit less alone and a little bit more understood. I also hope they feel like they’ve been exposed to something that’s real and raw – that’s very important.

If you could work with any artist, who would it be?

Frank Ocean

What are you doing when you aren’t writing or making music?

Bumming around at my friends houses, drawing weird little sketches or watching horror movies.

You are scheduled to perform at festivals such as The Great Escape and Loud & Proud in the coming months… what is your favourite part about performing live?

Unapologetically busting out my dad moves and generally building an atmosphere where nothing’s taken too seriously.

What are you looking forward to in 2019?

Meeting some of the cats that have been listening to my tunes! (plus the new Tame Impala album)

Be sure to check out her latest single ‘Romantic Garbage’ here…