Introducing Twelvepieces… A Must-Add To Your Closet

Monday 15 April 2019
Words Mimi Wright

With their newest collection Fatamorgana now available, Twelvepieces is creating new fab looks while storytelling along the way. Amir Hassan is the founder and owner of the Danish/Egyptian fashion brand Twelvepieces, and he is seeking to break down barriers between humankind with his many items in his collection.

Hassan has previously commented that his inspiration for this collection “has been the phenomenon Fatamorgana (Fata Morgana), an optical illusion caused by exceptional heat, often experienced by exhausted pilgrimages traveling through the Sahara. When seeing a Fatamorgana the human brain often tends to show an illusion of one’s upmost desire in the current situation. To me, Fatamorgana is a way to express my motivation and desire and actively contribute to a unified future, not defined by boarders, skin colour, religion or economic status”.

We had the chance to ask Hassan about his new collection and what he thinks are his strengths as a designer…

What has been the most rewarding part of creating your new ‘Fatamorgana’ collection?

It’s a two folded answer. Internally, the most rewarding part have been the knowledge and experience we have gotten from tapping into the retail market, which is something completely different from selling our exclusive and very limited collections through our web shop. From production to sales, everything has been new to us. It has been tough at times but also a truly exiting adventure.

Externally, the most rewarding part is to be given the opportunity to communicate our stories and values to a much broader audience and thereby increase our chance to inspire positive change and at the same time grow our business.

What are your three favourite pieces from your new collection and why?

Amir: “I love the whole collection but my personal favorite pieces from Fatamorgana collection would be: 

Our Signature bomber. The fabrication and fit is amazing.

Our Tracksuit. I think we came up with great new take on a tracksuit with the heavy embroidery.

Our new Coat Vest (in stores Fall 2019). It has a detachable vest so actually you have two separate styles or one combined product, in one.” 

I know your culture is an important part of who you are and your designs. What messages are you trying to get through to people with your clothing?

We strive to promote the beauty and strength of cultural diversity, which we think is very relevant, especially in the western world with Trump, Brexit and right-wing parties moving forward all over Europe.

Also, we want to promote equality and freedom for everybody. This value is deeply connected to Amir Hassan’s roots and cultural heritage in North Africa.

What are your biggest hopes for this year?

That we manage to find our place and establish ourselves within the retail industry, and that we will continue to grow and learn, both as a business and as private people.

What is your favourite part of showcasing your work at fashion weeks?

Again, it’s a two folded answer. As a business, it is nice to connect and get feedback from buyers, costumers, media etc. As a small team of friends going there, it is nice to be around the other brand owners to share experience and just hang out together.

Please describe your collection ‘Fatamorgana’ in three words.

Culture, vision, journey.

You were featured in Vogue. Can you describe what that is like as an emerging designer?

Amir: “I was very emotional at first, it was a childhood dream coming true. Personally, this is still my overarching description of our first time in Vogue”.

As a small brand, being featured in Vogue was a milestone to be reached and we are grateful that the big magazines are looking our way. Of course, it gave us some hype and great marketing material but most importantly, it was a pat on the back and boost to confidence and believe in our dreams.

What do you think is your biggest strength as a designer?

Amir: “I am very focused on evolving, not only my practical skillset but also personal character. I am extremely aware of details. My vision reaches beyond beautiful designs, I strive to contribute for a better future for all living systems”.

What do you think sets your clothes apart from other designers?

Amir: “I try go into myself and look within when I am designing. I do not know how my designs are different from other designers. I am not very interested or aware of how I am compared to others”.