Lolo Zouai – A Beautiful Hybrid Of Talent

Wednesday 24 April 2019
Words Spindle

Her track ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ has gained over 10 million streams worldwide and now Lolo Zouai is back sharing ‘Ride’ her single from her latest album.

Paris born and San Francisco raised Lolo Zouai is a beautiful hybrid of talent and one we can’t wait to see blossom. Whilst currently being one of the faces of Tommy Hilfiger, Zouai is also focusing on music, we found got to know her a little better here…

You have previously said you want to disturb the peace in pop. What exactly do you mean by this?

I’m not afraid to experiment and make something unusual. I love the contrast between soft lyrics and a hard beat. I want people to hear my music and be like “hold up WHAT did she say?

Your song ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ has gained over 10 million streams worldwide. What was it like watching the song hit this level of success?

I’m really grateful. I put the song out when I was working as a hostess at a restaurant. 6 months later I quit and went on my first tour. And now I just put my debut album out! It seems wild but t’s been a natural and organic growth. I think the song still hasn’t reached it’s potential. 10 million hopefully will lead to 100 million!

You were born in Paris, raised in San Francisco, and now you live in NYC. How have these three places influenced your music?

San Francisco completely shaped me. That’s where I started making music. I was always listening to KMEL which is the hip hop and r&b station in the bay. That’s where all that influence comes from. I wasn’t in France very much but I definitely chose to blend some French in my lyrics because I’m bilingual. New York has taught me how to hustle. I met my producer Stelios here – we record out of this legendary basement studio in the Lower East Side. That gives my music that lo-fi gritty feeling.

Your new single is called ‘Ride’. What were your inspirations for it?

I really just went off of this beat Stelios had made. The hook was made from a bunch of different vocals we cut up. I wanted to make sexy hard hitting song. We had fun with it.

Soon you are releasing your debut album High Highs to Low Lows. Can you describe it in three words for us?


How have you evolved as an artist since you first began creating music?

I’m not focusing so much on the “one song” mentality – now it’s about the bigger picture. Overall, I stopped overthinking things. 

You won a Grammy for your. songwriting on H.E.R’s album. Can you describe what that process was like? How did you meet, etc?

She was one of the first musicians I worked with when I moved to New York because I was working with Swagg r celious who produced a lot of her music alongside DJ camper. She quickly became a good friend and we spent a couple years working together. I remember she came to one of my first shows where I played with just a laptop and a mic…I had bad stage fright at the time.  It’s been amazing seeing her blow up, she really put in the work.

What is your ultimate musical dream?

I wouldn’t mind winning my own Grammy! You know, be the biggest artist in the world or whatever.

What is your favourite part of the creative process?

I like being in the studio more than anything. That initial feeling I get when I come up with a good idea for a song is my favourite part. And then seeing it come together. Woo! That’s special.