Meet Dreeze, The Young Artist Overflowing With Talent

Monday 15 April 2019

After stumbling upon Dreeze in a Facebook message, I was completely wowed by the talent in his tracks. ‘Passion Baby’ piqued my interest immediately because it’s just my taste of music. Recently released ‘Another Day’ is unique, appealing and a relaxed listen.

With a debut EP coming out in September dedicated to his best friend who took his life last year, the young artist is deep, emotional, but still easy to vibe to.

We wanted to hear about his hopes and dreams for his career, as well as what his debut EP will be like…

I find your music so refreshing and chill. Where do you get inspiration from for your music?

Thank you! Inspiration draws from mainly what I am doing and where I am situated in life at the time. If I’ve had a shitty week, you’ll be able to hear that emotion when I record on a Friday night/over the weekend. 
Musician-wise, I take inspiration from a completely different set of musicians – everyone from Jacob Banks, Alfa Mist, XXXTENTACION, Maverick Sabre and [a] friend of mine, Joy Crookes. However, this goes to say like the latter – it really falls down to whoever I am listening to a lot at the time.

Your newest single is called ‘Another Day’. Can you tell us who/what it is about?

‘Another Day’ is basically describing how two people can break away, with a chance to become free from all the shit that exists between them that they don’t want to think about and get trapped in. However, they are still in love, but their mind is saying one thing, and their heart another. They wait day-by-day to see if it can resolve itself, however by that point it’s too hard to get it going the way it was before all the shit happened. It falls apart, but there’s always a little bit of hope that with time it could change, as there will always be that love for one another.

Who it is about – secret! Hehe! I don’t even think they know.

What is your biggest musical goal for this year?

The biggest musical goal for 2019 is to carry on writing and producing relentlessly, [while] at the same time taking time in creating a powerful team around me in order for the music to get heard properly (including a live band for shows in September onwards).

Also, another big important goal is to get in the studio with loads of different producers and have a tonne of sessions and really work on the content and get it to the highest quality it can be that shows my full potential. So far, the music has just been made mainly in my bedroom and quality is average.

How did you first get into music, and why?

I started out in the choir as a soprano before quickly moving into alto and then tenor. Luckily, somehow just about kept my high range since and then went to the Brit School for college. However, unlike most, I studied art and design. I became pals with a lot of talented young musicians. This inspired and frustrated me, as I knew that I was just as talented in some regards as some. It was too late at that point to change over to music, as I also just wanted to get college over and done with. 

I then went to Leeds University, and that chance to gain freedom and space allowed me to focus more on my music. Towards the beginning of that first year at Uni, I started this project but going with my actual name, Chris de Sarandy.

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Tricky one. Recently I said to myself that the new Flume mixtape was one of the best (albums) to drop in the past 4 years. However, if I had to solely listen to one for rest of time, it would have to be:
Late Night Tales, a compilation album by Jon Hopkins. It consists of a mixture of songs that can be heard in different moods and at different times of the day, which in my opinion is the most important factor when deciding on one album that can be heard alone for the rest of time.

Your debut EP is set to be released this September. What is it called? Can you tell us anything about it? What’s the vibe of the EP?

It is dedicated to my best friend, Rob Worth, who sadly took his own life this time last year.

It combines a mix of emotions, and the sound represents the different feelings and thoughts I primarily had towards the passing of Rob, but also in regards to a bunch of other things that have been going on in my life since then ( not only sad occasions ).

My next single will be out on Friday, 31st May. All I can reveal regarding the next single is that it is a summer vibe.

What is your dream venue to perform in?

Dream venue right now, as I like to keep my goals realistic, is the Jazz Cafe in London.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

It would be my friend, Joy Crookes. She has an incredibly empowering, yet beautifully subtle and energising, voice which I think would sit perfectly alongside mine in the right context. She is also a very inspiring writer and composer for me.

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process is a bit ridiculous.

Generally, I’ll get ideas listening to music. When I was a kid, I used to listen to tossed songs on the radio in the car on long journeys, get my phone out and write down/voice record myself singing harmonies/vocal-based ideas that I thought the songs lacked. I found it so much fun, and I still do this occasionally. But generally speaking, I will firstly voice record ideas/write lyrics down on my notes, on my phones or laptop.

Normally, [I] give it a day or two since that original idea, come back to it jump straight onto the computer and then record. Vocal-wise, I normally record around five vocal tracks that have two tracks of harmonies to mess with. I then sit down normally straight away as it’s still fresh and cut it apart and take out/keep my favourite parts. This normally goes perfectly well, and it allows me to very quickly create music.

The other approach I apply is I don’t write anything before recording something, completely freestyle it, and then as I’m singing, and if I think of a nice hook, I’ll write it on my phone mid-recording and then use that as a hook/chorus. This is how my first two singles were recorded. When I was 16, I used to sing and play in a band, and religiously we played an open mic night every week for a few years. We very quickly got bored of constantly writing new material each week, so we spent the majority of open mic nights freestyling. I really enjoy it!