Meet GRiZ, The Emerging Artist That’s Making Massive Waves

Wednesday 10 April 2019

If you’re looking for an electronic music artist that makes more than just your classic club bangers, then GRiZ needs to be on your radar! Born in Detroit but calling Denver home, the emerging talent is ready to give everyone in the music scene dance tracks with substance.

His newly released album Ride Waves features huge collaborations from some of music’s heavy hitters like Wiz Khalifa on the soul infused single ‘Find My Own Way’, DRAM, Snoop Dogg and so many more! GRiZ is slated to have a busy year with the recent announcement of his European show dates. This includes Nass Festival in Bristol, Dour Festival in Belgium, We are Electric in the Netherlands and more dates to come!

We got a chance to chat with GRiZ discussing everything from his single with Wiz Khalifa, new album, and so much more…

‘Find My Own Way’ is a great feel-good track! Can you go into the early development stages for the track? 

I was feeling lost and needed something to bring some light back into my life. The track started with the hook and the idea, I kicked it around with a few friends and got the tune to a point where it was ready to send out for features. I did this session in New York with the Harlem Gospel Choir… the session was blessed. All the feels. My favorite session from the album recording.

The Harlem Gospel Choir sounded out of this world, what made you want to have a choir ensemble in the record? 

Large group voices singing together does something to me. I’m not sure why but it just shakes the foundation of my soul. 

Which genres influence you in the studio and the music you produce? 

I listen to a bunch of different music from bass stuff to soul R&B. I’m really all over the place with my listening habits so that’s probably why you hear all sorts of different genres in the album.

You have a new album that was released on Friday, ‘Ride Waves’, can you give us some background on the record? What type of vibe and sound can listeners expect?

The foundation of most of these tunes is in the dance realm, but a lot of it is OG west coast meets NY boom bap hip hop sentiments meets 70’s funk grooves. There are a lot of electronic production components to it, but it feels hella organic. A lot of the record was recorded in New Orleans, a place I love so much. It holds some weird voodoo magic vibe in the air that permeates into the music somehow. 

Are there any features on the album that you are really excited for everyone to hear?

I’ve got a track with my homie from high school who is killing it out in LA right now. He goes by Yoshi Flower. You should definitely check him out. I also did this tune with Muzzy Bearr on vocals that I love playing right now. I don’t know, it’s hard to pick favorites when they all hold such a special place in my heart. 

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

Frank Ocean. He is my favorite creative. 

Will you be performing any of your new music soon? Any plans to be in the UK or Europe in the next few months?

Absolutely. I’ve been playing a lot of these tunes for the past year already because I couldn’t resist. Some of the tunes I wanted to wait to release first to give people a chance to listen to them and love and learn them first. I can’t wait to get everyone into the groove on the new show. It’s really inspiring. Yea I’ll be at We Are Electric, Dour, Nass, and some others TBA. I really can’t wait! I’ve only ever been through Europe in winter months, so I can’t wait to hang outside and catch that summer glow with everyone.

Need more GRiZ music? Check out his new lyric video for his track Flower (ft Yoshi) and new album ‘Ride Waves’ below!