Premiere: Danyiom’s ‘Dreamers Don’t Believe in Ghosts’

Friday 19 April 2019
Words Mimi Wright

The eclectic, multi-genre artist Danyiom is back with a new hit single ‘Dreamers Don’t Believe in Ghosts’, and it’s fire. Paired with beautiful visuals that really capture the power of his message, ‘Dreamers Don\t Believe in Ghosts’ is a song, and a message, we all need to listen to.

With elements of RnB, pop and even some electronica, Danyiom is pushing the boundaries of music on single at a time. He commented on this single saying, “In my song dreamers my goal is to get other young people and artists to pursue their dreams and not to be told by anyone that something is unattainable if you work hard and believe in it.”

We asked Danyiom a few Qs about his new drop, his musical inspirations and a possible new project…

What do you like the most about ‘Dreamers Don’t Believe in Ghosts?

I love the the song because of the fact that it’s the first song I’m able to release that holds a message that really comes from heart.

What did your creative process look like for ‘Dreamers Don’t Believe in Ghosts’?

I was in Rome in the studio at that time and just tired of being limited by a label at that moment and wanted to just reach for the stars and be able to do whatever I wanted to.

You combine many musical styles… How do you intertwine them? Does the mixing of genres come naturally to you?

I think the reason that I mix all these genres is just simply that I love almost every genre. But I kinda think that I could write the biggest pop song and as soon as I sing it, it sound like RnB again.

You’ve named Stevie Wonder and Justin Bieber as role models. Why them specifically?

When I said role models, I definitely meant their impressing vocal skills and career. When I was a kid listening to both of them back-to-back in the car with my mom, I always went crazy when they did their little vocal runs and showed off how great of a singer both of them are.

You talk of dreamers. What is your ultimate dream?

My dream is to be happy with me, with my life and everything around me — especially my family and my music.

There is hinting at an LP. Is this true? If so, can you give us any sneak peaks into the LP?

Yeah, there is a big possibility that I’m releasing my first small project very soon, but first you gotta wait and see. But what I can tell you is that the motto for this project is “Bangers only”.

Check out the new vid below…