Spindle Session: Ady Suleiman Covers Wayne Wonder’s ‘No Letting Go’

Friday 05 April 2019
Photography Ryan Saradjola

Everything about Ady Suleiman’s new mixtape Thoughts & Moments Vol. 1 is authentic— creative process and vibes included.

His goal going into creating this mixtape was to be “more creative and experimental,” and for that he needed time. Over the months, the neo-soul singer compiled a series of voice memos on his phone, and this new mixtape is the product of those recordings.

This mixtape shows Ady’s transition from “acoustic to electric,” and only further establishes his reputation of turning “life experiences into narrative” in a soulfully brilliant nature.

We were able to meet with Ady in the studio for a Spindle Session, check it out here…

Ady’s full mixtape Thoughts & Moments Vol. 1 here:

Check out Ady’s full mixtape Thoughts & Moments Vol. 1 here: