This Is… Mason Collective

Thursday 11 April 2019
Words Mimi Wright

Manchester DJ trio Mason Collective are igniting the dance world one track at a time with their high-energy, relentless beats. The group just released the Mazzina EP, and it’s electro-techno heaven. They’ve had prior EP Whippin’ reach No. 1 on dance charts and have recently emerged as the faces of major fashion brands, including Adidas and GRAMM.

With a new EP coming out later this month and huge shows this summer, we wanted to learn more about the talented group and their exciting new music and fashion developments.

You just toured Canada and Miami for Music Week and have big shows like Hideout, Park Life and SW4 this summer. What are you most looking forward to about these high profile festival sets?

One of the best parts about festival season is that we get the opportunity to play to crowds that are usually a lot bigger than in a normal club environment. Creamfields set the bar last year – think we played to about 4,000 on Pete Tong’s stage. You get a different kind of energy. The settings are different at every festival as well, so you always get a new experience. We try and get about as much as possible and make the most of it.

You just launched your independent label Whippin’. Why did you decide to launch it so early in your career?

It’s been our plan from the beginning to always have our own label. We wanted to establish our sound first and then create a base for it, and we felt like it’s the right time. We’ve had some really dope tracks in, and the upcoming releases are sounding fire.

You’ve had some top fashion brands collaborate with you, including Adidas and GRAMM. What is it like to be the face of a brand that large?

It’s crazy. We’ve always had an interest in fashion to be honest; it’s part of the culture. It’s dope to have been able to work with GRAMM, as we’ve been boys since we were kids, and we’re all from Manchester. They’re killing it at the moment. We’ve got more work coming as well, so watch out for that. To get the call up to work with Adidas was another blessing, and it was pretty unexpected. We created a really dope campaign, and to be on the billboard in Exchange Square was mad surreal. 

What does your creative process look like?

One of the best parts about working as a three is there are three different opinions. We bounce ideas off of each other all the time, and if we all feel something, then we see if it works. We have a studio and office for the events now, but we’re always together anyway, so we’re always coming up with new ideas.

How did your group start?

We’ve all known each other for time, and we started running MVSON events together probably when we were about 17. We’d all just started to get bookings across the city individually but would all play back to back at MVSON, which began to create a hype which kind of snowballed. We all fully understand each other’s taste in music and the way each of us play, which is why it works.

You have an EP on Desolat coming out later this month. Can you give us a sneak peak by describing what the sound is like?

It’s a big milestone for us. Desolat has been one of our favourite labels for years now, and we’re mad excited for the tracks to come out. They’re even more fast-paced and high energy than our usual sound. Dice has been playing them for a minute. You might be able to catch a few clips on our insta.

How have you evolved as artists since you first joined together?

When we first linked up, we were just kids and didn’t really have a clue what we were doing. Everything was trial and error. It took a while to find the formula that we have now, and we’re still evolving, but we feel like it’s working.

Where do you get inspiration for your music?

We take inspiration from everywhere tbh. Could be from places we’ve been to or conversations we’ve had, interviews we’ve seen etc. A lot of the samples in our tracks are from random tv shows or interviews we’ve seen. We’ve all had a musical upbringing as well, so we draw some inspo from the music we were raised on, which was old soul, reggae and rare groove.