Get To Know…Maastricht born and household name Jarreau Vandal

Wednesday 15 May 2019

Born in Maastricht, Jarreau Vandal has performed alongside the likes of IAMDDB, SG Lewis and performed sold out shows at KOKO, Village Underground, and Warehouse Project and he isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Since the age of 16, Vandal has been producing Soulection and now ten years later has gained a cult following across Europe, North America and Asia.

We chatted influences, his new mixtape ‘Anthology’, collaborations and more…

You were born in Maastricht, how do you feel this has influenced you? 

To be honest, it did not have much influence since i moved to Amsterdam when i was two years old. Amsterdam really influenced me and my sound. The music scene in Amsterdam is very strong and there are a lot of great Dj’s coming from the netherlands that I learned from.

You’ve worked alongside some great names such as IAMDDB and SG Lewis, what have you learned from the way they work? 

I have performed as a opening act, but never really worked with them in the studio, so that’s a bit hard to answer.

Have you had any experiences that has majorly shaped the way you sound? 

Definitely having inspirational conversations with some of the people that i considered my mentors. They told me to always improve on every new project, song or dj set and that definitely helped me grow and evolve.

Tell us about your mixtape ‘Anthology’… 

This is my first mixtape that came about by putting all of my favourite songs from the past year together. The project holds a few songs where I sing on my own productions and the goal of the project was to show my versatility as an artist and producer. This is the type of project people are going to look back on and realize “Jarreau has been making good shit for ages” lol.

Who was involved in the making of Anthology?

My Managers that helped me shape the project, my good friends that are also my band members. They played a lot of the instruments on the tracks and of course the featuring artists which you can find on the project if you look it up on Spotify. haha.

Where do you make music best? 

In a home environment, doesn’t have to be my own house but a bedroom, living room, home studio works best for me. I also really enjoy making music on the train when i have a long journey.

Who is one artist you would love to collaborate with and why?

There are a lot of people that i admire and that i would love to collaborate with or even just listen to when they talk about music. One of them is childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover. He is so multifaceted and just really does what he feels he should do and i love that.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond!? 

Make the best songs I made up to date, grow as a person, producer and vocalist and prepare for 2020.