Introducing The Unique and Charming Tom Dunne

Friday 31 May 2019

If you’re looking for an artist that is innovative, unique and extremely talented then Tom Dunne is for you. The emerging singer is still fresh within the music scene with only two singles out, including his new track VIOLET. The modern day love song, is an eclectic and dreamy journey that will grab the attention of music listeners everywhere.

Along with releasing music, Dunne also heads his own label called MilkRaid. Designed to push music boundaries within the industry, the new label and Dunne hope to deliver music to listeners around the world in exciting and new ways.

We got a chance to chat with Tom Dunne about his new single VIOLET, his muse, and so much more…

Your new single Violet such a beautiful love song (got us all in our feels), what was the inspiration behind the track?

Well first off thank you! Feels so good to have some music out, and something I’m really proud of. So means a lot. VIOLET is a modern day love song. Built on the conflict of modern day relationships. The pros and cons of falling for someone. I wanted to show that with distorted synths and tight drums in the verses. Opening up to a glittery, and at home chorus.

Who or what is your biggest muse when creating music?

For me it has to be honesty these days. I want to just create tunes that I can’t wait to play for people. Be honest to my influences, honest with my intentions, and honest with what I’m saying. It’s a big reason I kept the chorus for this song. I kept trying to change it, but that’s what I felt it should be so I thought, why not, that’s what it should be!

Do you find it difficult to write tracks involving past or present romantic relationships?

Yeah for sure! It can be hard to open up sometimes. But I find putting it into songwriting is the best way for me to communicate these things. I like to sometimes be subtle about it though. I think there must be lines that only make sense to me.

What’s the best and worst parts of songwriting?


You toured with producer, songwriter and DJ SG Lewis recently, how has that experience affected your music and artistry? 

Yeah it’s been wicked being out with Sam. It’s great to work professionally on someone’s project, as you take a lot of that discipline and high standards back to your own thing. It’s given me amazing opportunities to perform at places I never thought I would, like Coachella and Glastonbury coming up this summer. That’s just a great confidence boost. I think it’s helped me come a long way as an artist, singer, performer and person. Just being able to travel the world and meet so many people. I’ve taken a lot with it back to my own thing!

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Your created the label MilkRaid, can you go into the behind the scenes of how this came to be? 

A label has been a long term goal for a while. I saw it at first as just a vehicle to put my own music out, but it quickly became something bigger, and I just grabbed the opportunity. I’m so excited to organically grow MilkRaid, the music and the brand, and see where it can go. Teo, who’s playing on VIOLET, has come on board to help me run it, bringing with him some mad skills and knowledge. So just keep posted!

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue music?

I think I knew about 14, but had no experience and just played it off that I wanted to do music GCSE. But at the same time doing all the academic things I thought I had to do! I just didn’t think it was a possible option. About 17/18 I was two weeks away from starting a economics degree, and just couldn’t go through with it. Dario, who produced this track, was going to music uni in London and convinced me to go audition. I did and got in. Started there 2 weeks later and it’s been a mad journey since then!   

Can we expect more new music from you in 2019? An album or EP?

Yes definitely. MilkRaid, has another release coming out next month as well as a label birthday party, some new merch and a possible radio show. Which will keep me busy. I also want to get a couple more singles out, hopefully release an EP in 2020. Let’s see!

️Make sure to check out Tom Dunne’s new immersive video for his single VIOLET! Click the link below!