Introducing: Rock & Roll Queen Anna Rose

Friday 07 June 2019

Fierce, strong and talented are three words that can be used to describe singer/songwriter and guitarist Anna Rose. Back with new music and a big sound, Rose is ready to show the world her rock & roll excellence!

A music lover through and through, Rose is no stranger to the industry. At the young age of 5, she was playing the piano, guitar and dancing, while also soaking up music from some of rock n roll’s biggest and best. Along with being the daughter of the legendary composer Alan Menken, and working in the industry for over a decade, Rose has evolved into being the spirited rock n roll artist that she is today.

After a bit of a break from releasing music, Anna Rose has come back with three amazing singles, including Nobody Knows I’m Here, which was featured in the tv series This Is Us, the spunky track Sucker Puncher, and intimate new song The Chariot. With a highlighly anticipated album on the way, produced by Grammy nominated producer Paul Moak, Rose shows no signs of stopping her 2019 upward trajectory.

We got a chance to chat with Anna Rose about everything from her track Sucker Puncher, upcoming album and so much more…

Sucker Puncher is absolutely amazing! Can you go into the making of this fierce song? What was the inspiration for it lyrically?

Thank you! I wrote Sucker Puncher with Justin Glasco at his home in east Nashville. I remember we were having a highly caffeinated conversation about the music business; the hustle, the all-nighters in the studio, the questionable motels off the highway after a show…the unrelenting drive & love of creating music that it takes to continue doing this as an independent artist. It was from that conversation that Sucker Puncher was born. It’s an anthem for those of us who don’t know the word “quit”. 

2: The guitar riffs and overall production are out of this world, was a rock track your inspiration going into the studio? 

Absolutely. Paul Moak (producer) & I talked about this song a lot in pre-production. I really wanted to reference David Bowie “Jean Genie” and some Queens Of The Stone Age vibes, plus the obvious nods to The Doors & ZZ Top. 

Photo (c) Michelle Wacker– 03/24/2019 Anna Rose at the Mercury Lounge NYC

When you’re writing songs, or working on the music, are there any artists that influence your decisions or direction?

Not while I’m writing, no, unless I’m writing for a film/tv/theater project or for another artist. I definitely have moments of, “what would John Lennon/Joni Mitchell/Elton John/etc do,” things like that, but I don’t make a songwriting decision that goes against my gut. 

You’ve been in the industry for a few years now, how has your music evolved over the years?

I think I’ve come back around to where I started when I was a kid – truly relying on my instincts as a songwriter. Somewhere along the way, like any artist/writer, I got hung up on my ego/performer shit & it effected which songs would get released & how I chose to perform them. I was always worried about the image I was projecting. I feel like all of that fell away when I got sick (diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few years ago) and I was forced to go back to what really matters because there was a big part of me that thought I might never write another song or get on stage again. I just approach everything with a lot more gratitude now. 

You have been surrounded by music your whole life, when did you know that becoming a musician was what you wanted to do?

I always knew this was my path. It sounds cliché, but music is the way that I process the world around me. Without it I’m not sure I would survive. 

If you could create a joint album with any artist, who would it be and why?

I’m mostly interested in working with people who would challenge me & move me into deeper creative waters. Jack White. Thom Yorke. Dolly Parton. Stevie Nicks. St. Vincent. Neil Young…the list goes on…also I’d like to collaborate with the part of me that thinks of great song ideas & production concepts while I’m sleeping. 

Photo (c) Michelle Wacker– 03/24/2019 Anna Rose at the Mercury Lounge NYC

You have an album coming out soon, can you give us a sneak peek at what we can expect on the record?

This album really is an arc, beginning to end. Lyrically it’s very honest & emotional for me and, musically, I think there’s a bit of something for everyone. It’s still rock, but I think I’ve come full circle back into where I started, as a singer-songwriter, and every production choice was made to serve the song.

Will there be an accompanying tour?

Absolutely! I’ve got some select dates scattered throughout the summer in the US, including CMA Fest in Nashville, TN, and a few shows supporting Will Varley. Many summer shows are yet to be announced so keep your ear to the ground for those! Then we’ll kick into high gear for the fall, with lots of touring & festival shows, including Pilgrimage in Franklin, TN. That lineup is massive & passes are on sale now, so be sure to get those asap. I’m also hoping to book some things in the UK before the year is out. Hope to see you out at a show! 

Make sure to check out her new single The Chariot and amazing track Sucker Puncher below!