Introducing The Powerful Shaima

Tuesday 04 June 2019

If you’re in need of a diverse artist that encompasses a variety of genres and sounds then emerging songstress Shaima is the girl for you! The West London singer turned heads with her single “Phenomenal” being featured on BBC Asian Network, Track of Week in 2018.

With her two singles Girl Gang, and 911 making waves and breaking boundaries, we can’t wait to see what else the 24- year-old singer has up her sleeve.

We got a chance to speak with Shaima about her empowering single Girl Gang, genre influences, and so much more…

We are loving ‘Girl Gang’ and its empowering message, can you give us a little background of the track? How did the idea come to be?

So the track was initially inspired by the Migos song “Gang Gang” but we wanted to do something more focused on the girls and pulling together a song where it makes the girls (and women!) all come together through its vibe and story. Recently I’ve been focusing a lot of women empowerment after seeing the way some of the women are treated in Pakistan I felt I needed to do something positive. I feel like girl gang takes away the soft/sexy vulnerability of women and gives us the harder more independence feeling.

2: The sound of the track is very urban with some trap and hip hop influences, what type of sound were you going for when making the song?

Being half English half Pakistani I really am trying to focus now on combining the two sounds in an East meets west kind of mash up!

Which genre of music influences you when you’re in the studio?

I really listen to a lot of different music so different music influences me in different ways… I’d probably say more rnb hip hop but lyrically maybe more soul and reggae

You come from a multi-cultural background, do you channel your heritage in your music?

Yes well I definitely try to! Being born and raised in london I’ve been trying to get to know my Asian side better over the recent years and discover what genres they have in Pakistan and so far I’m learning a lot I didn’t know before 

You’re only 24 and you are running your own record label, that’s AMAZING, how did that come to be?

Ive always been a one track mind kind of girl, being signed to management when u was 14 and getting a degree in accounting and finance helping to run a coworking space in west london has all accumulated to what I have today namely M Dynasty Records

What type of talent do you look to add to the label?

I’d definitely like to support other powerful strong women who aren’t all about trying to show lots of skin and sing for the sake of singing! But of course not excluding men at all- for me it’s about the message you want to send through music and having a story- ideally I’d also support more mixed heritage talent but let’s see I think I’ll know when the artist is someone I can put my work into.

Do you think making music and honing in on your craft is easier owning your own label?

It’s just different, I have good and bad days with both. I’m lucky I have some kind of background in accounting and finance so all the business stuff doesn’t go completely over my head but it just feels like a different sides of your brain to when your in the studio! Nowadays I try to separate them as much as possible in terms of timing cos when I’m creating I like to stay in that zone

Five years from now, where do you hope to see yourself as an artist?


Make sure to check out Shaima’s video for 911 below!