Introducing The Resilient Tusks

Tuesday 18 June 2019
Words Spindle

Last year wasn’t the easiest for singer-songwriter Tusks. After suffering an elbow break at the start of 2018, her career came to a screeching halt. With her ability to make music hanging by the balance, Tusks courageously pushed through after 2 surgeries and 12 months worth of recovery.

Back with a brand new album and attitude she is ready to take life by the reigns, no questions asked. Discussing a variety of topics, including mental health and sexism, her new album is a must listen for everyone!

We got chance to chat with Tusks about everything from her new record, her favorite track and more…

You have a new album out called Avalanche, can you go into the inspiration for the record?

It’s inspired by a collection of things I was going through during the period of writing it – the songs that made it on to Avalanche cover sexism, OCD, love and heartbreak.

What was the hardest part about making this album in particular?

I’m not sure actually, it genuinely all felt quite easy compared to making Dissolve but I think both Brett Cox, who produced both albums, and I learnt a lot during that first process. Avalanche in comparison just felt really fun and experimental and relatively stress free.

Which track off of Avalanche was your favourite one to create and why?

I think Salt was. I bought a Korg Prologue before we recorded the album and we used it loads on that track. I love how it sounds so much and it was really fun to just be experimental and build all those sounds together at the end.

There are a few tracks that tackle mental health and sexism, was it difficult being open about these issues during the songwriting process?

I’m fine being open about sexism but being open about mental health is still hard – not during the song writing process because that’s private – but in press and public. I’m not naturally an open person about private things and I don’t enjoy opening up about my issues, the reason I have been open about OCD is because it would’ve helped me so much when I was really struggling with it if I had more knowledge of what it was and how many people also struggle with it.

Your recent single Be Mine is such a powerful track, what was your experience like writing it? Did you pull from any personal experiences?

Thanks – I actually started writing it as a bit of a joke one night in a practice room. I’d just started seeing my boyfriend and I think I was waiting for him to text me back or something and just came up with the hook. Then it got stuck in my head and I developed the song around it.

You’re debut album Dissolve came out in 2017, how have you and your music changed since?

My writing’s become more direct lyrically and I’d like to think I’ve progressed musically too. Songs like Mind play around with weird time signatures and there’s a lot of alternative production on the album. I had a really bad elbow break at the end of 2017 and was told I might have lasting nerve damage in my left hand – luckily I didn’t in the end but it took me a long time to recover and once I did I just really wanted to play guitar, so the songs are based around that a lot more than before.

Which artist continues to inspire you and your craft?

I think Bon Iver. His tracks always really connect to me and he isn’t scared of exploring different sounds.

Do you have any upcoming performances?

Yep I’m playing in-stores at Rough Trade East at midday on Saturday 15th June, Banquet Records in Kingston on 17th June, Pie & Vinyl in Southsea on the 18th June then an album release party on the 19th June but that’s now sold out. Then later in the year there’s dates in Germany in September, my next headline show in London at Village Underground on 26th November and more dates to be announced soon…

Make sure to check out Tusks new album Avalanche below!