Introducing The Unapologetically Real Lukey Storey

Wednesday 12 June 2019

Emerging artist, Lukey Storey, perfectly delivers music that is fun, clever and undoubtedly real. Making his debut in 2018, Storey has quickly risen up as one of music’s artist to watch with his debut EP I’m as Shocked as You Are earlier this year.

Continuing his upward trajectory, the North London artist has released the fun yet vulnerable new track Made For Love. With a cool tropical beat and a collaboration with songstress Stac, the track beautifully showcases a bright future for Storey.

We got a chance to chat with Lukey Storey about everything from his new single, his EP, writing and so much more…

Made For Love is a intimate, yet fun love song, what was the creative process like for this single?

The process for Made For Love was different to how I usually start a song. Normally it starts with me, I hum a melody or words just come to me and I record it straight away, otherwise I might forget it. I’ve got to catch the moment when it arrives, once it’s gone I might forget or never get it again. The reason I say that the making of this track was different is it started with Stac, not me. She came round and we were going through different beats, the beat for Made For Love came on and she loved it. It hadn’t grabbed me at all but she took it away and demo’d her parts at home. I was really into another song I was working on at the time, I wanted Stac to feature and she sent me both songs back. I was so set on the other song we were making (which turned out to be crap on my part) that I skimmed over made for love and Stac had to ask me: did you actually listen to the other one? So I gave it a second listen and started to get it. She told me she thought it needed some verses and once I fully wrapped my head around what was going on I jumped on it immediately and recorded them. It took me pretty much the length of the verses themselves. an instant thing. Then of course, Cores added his magic to the ghostown beat and the rest is history.

Was it difficult writing the song?

I figured out early on that if i’m stuck on a song or things get difficult to put it down. Not forever or perhaps forever. But I feel like a song should never be a hard thing to do because I have so much experience of them happening instantly. The best songs i’ve made were made really quickly, it’s like the self goes into some sort of blackout and it’s a gift from somewhere else. It feels like these lyrics or melodies have been gifted to me and i’m not fully responsible for the result. For that I’m ever so grateful. Leonard Cohen once said “If I knew where these songs came from – I’d go there more often”. That’s one of my favourite quotes of all time.

The collaboration between you and Stac is pure gold, can you go into how this link up came to be?

I’ve always been a fan of Stac, and when I tell her she finds it uncomfortable. So i’ve had to learn to taper it down somewhat. I first discovered years ago, she made a track called “Whoops” and ever since then knew she was special. The production, her harmonies the place she sings from. I felt it all. I think I must have added her on facebook I think it was, still years ago and we loosely kept in touch over time. This was before I had even started writing songs and when I had, I wanted to see who I could possibly connect with. Stac was one of those people, and I still feel totally blessed to have collaborated with her.

You have open up about some of the vices in your life through your music, has doing so helped you and your artistry?

Writing, Rapping, making music has literally saved my life. I struggle with Depression and Addiction, it had me mute for so many years. I’ve found my voice and what I genuinely believe I am here to do, and it felt like a breath I needed to draw for my whole life.  I have adhd and Bipolar too & I need to take medication for it. The medication I take also changed my life – I hadn’t muttered or recorded a single word until I took them. I joke with my Mum often that they are ‘rapping’ pills. As if anyone who were to take them would suddenly be able to rap well. The truth is I think what they do is lower the veil of darkness and allow whatever is meant to shine to come through.

Your EP I’m as Shocked as You Are is fantastic, what is your favorite track from the EP and why? 

Thank you! Having had it marinate for a while, I think my favourite track is “Real Ones”. I managed to get a lot off my chest in a humorous way. It’s light hearted whilst having a real jab at celebrity culture and it’s ridiculousness. It came from feeling out of place at these fashion / music type events. Not being noticed and the line when I say “this girl was looking fine, she looked at me and said hello but Skepta was behind” is actually true. I thought this girl was wanting to talk to me and realised it was the man behind me she was looking for. ( Skepta)

When did you realize you wanted to pursue music?

That’s the funny thing, it was never planned. To this day I don’t how it’s happened. A spark of something just came over me, again it is my belief from somewhere else. I wrote and recorded my first song “Tears In Rain” about a girl who broke my heart and it got such a good reaction I thought why not carry on. I didn’t even realise it had been a dream of mine my whole life. And now I feel like i’m living it, regardless of how much money it makes me.

Do you have plans on releasing another EP or album this year?

New music all summer ! I have a second single coming after Made for Love, and then the EP to follow that and it’s called “Heartwork”. 

In 5 years, where do you hope to beas an artist?

I want to continue to make music that comes from the heart. Music that I want to hear and I would love to be able to tour. To have a fanbase big or small that allows me to continue doing it. Touring with my friends, making music all the time.

Check out Lukey Storey’s new track Made For Love below!